Friday, 28 January 2011


This is just a quick follow-up to this post about the Blogger spam system.

Since I posted it, some idiot with clearly nothing better to do with their time has been attempting to prove that the system doesn't work by sending spam comments to me.

Naturally, they cowardly post as "Anonymous" knowing that they cannot be traced or reported.  If they were genuine they would of course post their name wouldn't they?

Anyway, if any of you are still unaware of this spam facility, make sure you regularly check your Spam box by clicking on "Comments" on your dashboard, then you will see "Spam" with the number of comments awaiting your action.  Clearly anything from "Anonymous" will go straight there and not appear on your blog.

Great isn't it?  Well done Blogger!

ETA:   OK one slipped through the net which I had to delete.  So I'm back to comments moderation for a while until this moron gets fed up with spamming me.

Aren't they a pain in the backside? 

Spammers...go and get a life..take up knitting or judo, and leave us bloggers in peace!


  1. Read your earlier post too Ayak. When you say 'reverse widgets' - is this the the commonly used name for this feature? cos I cant find any reference to it my end. Just curious, thats all.

    So far, I havn't yet recieved any spam in my spam box, which is therefore now an open invitation for the sad, sicco, socially inept, rejects of intelligent society to come snigger. But then I've not been blogging for that long. That said, my google email account and my own chosen security software products have so far done a 100% job of bashing the spam.

    That said too, I do have a certain affection for the 'anonymous' spammer's that lurk around in the sewers of cyber space. They are confined to a cold & friendless life below ground. Living with no one other than their fellow leeches in a dank, odorous and permanently dark existence, they really don't have much going for them do they. Too affraid to be seen and heard in sunlight. Yet they continue to ply the only trade they know, pointless and pathetic as it is - and that makes me smile. Poor little creatures. Pity on them.

    My...dosn't the air smell fresh up here today!? Have a better day Ayak.

  2. Phil: As I understand it, widgets are those things on our sidebars..don't know if they refer to anything else?

    Ah you have indeed hit the nail on your head in your description of the spammers. Sad individuals. Can you imagine their excitement when one of their anonymous emails slips through the net? Jumping up and down with glee! Yes it makes me smile too :-)

    The air is much fresher up have a nice day too x

  3. Ayak,
    You may be happy to learn that no one is truly anonymous on the internet. Just because they don't leave a name with a comment doesn't mean they can't be traced.

    Each time you use the internet, information is 'stamped' onto the communication that the person who is trying to stay anonymous has no control over and it is unique to them.

    May be worth considering informing the providers of the blog of the spam you are receiving for them to take a look at.

  4. Thankyou Jack. I may well do that x

  5. My 'anonymous' doesn't go automatically to spam any more...perhaps it has changed its format to be you can imagine, I wouldn't know enough to know!

  6. Well Fly, having congratulated Blogger on this I then found a couple that had slipped through and avoided the spam box, but I also don't know enough to know either!

  7. Aww Ayak so far I havent had any but I am sure now I have said this I will lol xx

  8. Bomb...well you do have word verification and moderation on your blog so I guess that helps to avoid them.

  9. enough (and very well) said Ayak!! spammers, telemarketers, virus makers, phishing scammers and persona non-grata in general can all kiss my rear end!! have a great weekend!!!

  10. OJ: Thanks...and wishing you a good weekend too xx


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