Saturday, 22 January 2011

Just a mention....

I recently received the Stylish Blogger Award which I posted about here. I duly  carried out the instructions and passed it on to three more blogs.  This morning I received the same award from  Deniz, a lovely young Turkish lady, who lives in Canada.

Deniz has two blogs Purl One, Yarn Over, Purl Two Together, Knit One which you might have guessed is about knitting!   She's a budding author and talks about her writing on her other blog The Girdle of Melian.

So this time I don't need to do anything further other than to thank Deniz for thinking of me. xxx


  1. Oh Noo! I've just taken a micro peek at 'The Girdle of Melian'..and it is good isn't it. What a talanted young author. My mother in law is a prolific knitter. Claims she can knit almost anything, so when our fridge blew up a couple of weeks ago I said..go on then..knit me a new fridge.

    She's just popped round. Guess what I'm wearing?

    Yep...a nice new wooly fridge. Hmm.

  2. Aww. Thank you so much Ayak and Phil! You guys are making me blush :-)


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