Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Lazy Rainy Days

We've had so much rain since last week...with a few storms thrown in for good measure.  I've been very careful to disconnect the modem, and most other electrical appliances, before the storms hit.  Mr A has at last realised that we need to do this to avoid losing modem No.4.

When we can afford it, he will bring an electrician to the house to check everything, but in the meantime we are taking all necessary precautions.

Mr A has continued to go out and about selling mesır macunu products.  It's not earning much money but apart from keeping us almost afloat, it gives him something to focus on.  At this point in time, with no other jobs around, the last thing we need is for him to be stuck in the house getting depressed.

He orders a small amount of stock at a time, and this procedure is very efficient.  He phones through the order to the factory in Manisa, pays the cash into the company bank account, and the parcel arrives the following day by cargo which he collects from Milas.

He placed an order on Friday which should have arrived on Saturday.  Unfortunately we forgot it was New Year's Day and the cargo office was closed.  It was also closed on Sunday.  He phoned the cargo office yesterday only to be informed that the parcel hadn't arrived.  On phoning the company he discovered that they had forgotten to send the stock, so they despatched it yesterday, to arrive today.

So he has had three days at home with nothing to do, and he hates it.  If it hadn't been raining so hard he would have been out in the garden, but instead he's been stuck in the house playing games on the internet in between the storms.  He also eats far too much when he's bored, and that worries me because he is very overweight.  But I know there's no point in my saying anything because he won't listen.  However, once he's out and about and working, he'll be back to normal eating habits.

To be honest, I've also been eating far too much.  I keep making shortbread and cakes and they are disappearing at a rapid rate.  I'm also very bored.  There's nothing to do here in winter when it's raining and you have no money.  So I've been crawling back into bed with the electric blanket on and spending far too much time on my laptop.  As a result I have strained my eyes, which are red and swollen.  But now I have some excellent eye drops from the chemist which have helped enormously, and I'm cutting down on my laptop time.

I've done as much as I can to relieve the boredom.  I've been sorting out cupboards and wardrobes.  I found some wool and tried knitting again, but the arthritis in my hands prevents me from doing this for any length of time.  I love reading but this is also not helping my eyes to get back to normal.

We have more rain to come so I'm going to be stuck in the house for a while yet.  I desperately need something to occupy me.  Has anyone any brilliant ideas?


  1. I have taken up knitting and am so sorry that your arthritis won't let you. I find it fascinating. Him Outdoors also finds the winters when he can't get outside more difficult. (He's hoovering at the moment!)Making him make the shortbread etc is good but he always does a better job of it than me with meticulous recipe following. Proper thank you letters are nagging at me?? I'm not having very good ideas here, I will ponder during the morning x

  2. All we've come up with so far is from Him Outdoors that you spend time thinking of development plans for the business - what else can he sell if he is going anyway (shortbread!).Still pondering....

  3. Rain rain go really is the most boring of the weathers. I have no cure for your boredom but sure do love that new header picture...beautiful.

  4. I think you should sit down, with Mr A and write the stories that make up your life. Starting when you are as young as you can remember, and go right through until the present day. Add pictures of places you knew in your life, drawings and do part of it in longhand, not just all typed out on a computer.

    Write down your flavour ice cream, who was your favourite teacher and why, your first ride on a Ferris wheel, anything and everything that makes you YOU.

    Make it a project that will take you awhile to complete. Work on it, set it aside and come back to it. Draw some illustrations, sing a song, film it and place it on a DVD. Add tokens, coins, mementoes, stories, pressed flowers. Put it all inside a lovely and study box. Then present it to your Grandchildren some Christmas. It is THEIR history as well, it is a gift of yourself and that is the greatest gift anyone can give or receive.

    Oh, how I wish I had pressed my own Parents to do the same for me and my children.

    Kind regards, Kitty x

  5. Well u could make up your own fantasyland and go nip off there for a while hahahahahahah xx

  6. You really made me think...what do I do when I can't read?
    It has been a vague, in the background, nightmare and one I don't want to face.

    I think I'll go back to spinning and weaving...both need a physical rather than a visual sense.

    What's a Turkish spinning wheel you know?

  7. Rosie: We have been making business plans but it all takes money which is in short supply. funnily enough Mr A did mention about my baking things to sell but when we worked out the cost and how much we could realistically sell it for, it wasn't worth it.

    Mr H: Glad you like the new header pic. It's another one of my lovely views taken from the hill behind us which someone else in the village had put on our village Facebook page.

    Kitty: What a delightful idea...and certainly worth considering xx

    Bomb: I'm still waiting for you to find it and invite me! xx

    Fly: I have a vague memory of seeing an old spinning wheel in a house in Cappadocia and they are much the same as the old English spinning wheels I think. Very rare now of course..I haven't seen another since.

  8. Get out the old seed packets and plan the garden. Good for making you think of the sunshine.

    Drawing. Just needs a pencil and a piece of paper. Maybe painting with one of those really cheap kiddies sets.

    Play cards to see who has to go out and walk the dogs in the rain.

  9. Hi again Rosie: Thanks for the suggestions. I have just found an old sketchpad which I used a few years ago with some kids' wax crayons and there were a couple of pics in it which I remember enjoying doing, so thanks for the reminder. xxx


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