Saturday, 15 January 2011

Silly Saturday

You seemed to enjoy the classified ads last week, so I searched for some more:



  1. Lovely!

    The chinese restaurant one reminded me of a girl I knew when I was a student.
    She was a superb knitter and would make up her own patterns and designs.
    She saw a chinese restaurant sign she liked and copied it onto the front of a sweater and I must say it did look quite something.

    Then one of the Chinese students told her what it meant.

    'Cheap and delicious'.

  2. I like the Chinese one. That is a good picture of me that you have in that first ad.:)

  3. The bowel party and the second hand cooked turkey 8 days old. I wonder if they had any answers and whether the turkey caused the bowel party!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  4. Fly: I love that story...very funny! Your friend must have been embarrassed!

    Bomb: ;-)))

    Mr H: Oh dear is that really you? ;-))

    Maggie: Haha I wonder!

  5. Yes, very funny post this. I particularly liked the one about the chinese restaurant apology. Chuckle chuckle...

  6. Phil: Yes I really liked that one too!

  7. Oh, these are just too funny! Too funny!! I never find adds like these, thanks for sharing.


  8. Glad they made you laugh Brenda x

  9. Had a good laugh at these - especially the bowel [arty and the 18 year old having 20 years experience.

    I'm Eddie - Maggie's brother.
    Love the blog but could not comment earlier when I visited because I found your hyperlinks were not worling at that time.

    Best wishes for the New year - Eddie

  10. Hi Eddie. Of course I remember you. I still read your blog from time to time.

    Regarding comments...a few people couldn't comment on my blog for a while and I did report it to Blogger. Then all of a sudden worked again. So nice to see you here!


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