Sunday, 2 January 2011

Text Messaging

At 7.30am this morning, 2nd January, I received a text message from my brother which he had sent to me on New Year's Eve at around 10pm.

I can just about grasp the fact that messages will probably be "stacked up" at busy times, New Year's Eve obviously being one such occasion, and did receive texts early the following morning, but did think 2 days delay a bit excessive for an "instant" message.   Can anyone else beat that?

As someone who was born in an age before  mobile phones existed, I still struggle to understand how all this technology works, but I do try to enlighten myself by searching the internet for answers.  And as usual, when I'm using this other wonderful piece of technology, I get distracted.   I ended up on a forum where people were discussing the problem of delayed messages, and found myself laughing out loud at some of the comments.   Have a look at it HERE .

One of my pet hates is "text speak".  Oh I don't mean that I think we should write every word in full in a text message, because I can accept how useful the abbreviations are for getting a message across by using as little of your credit as possible.  (Although to be honest I don't understand half of what people are saying when they use this new "language").

 But I find myself becoming extremely irritated when I see it being used elsewhere...on Facebook, on blog comments, in emails, on forums.   It would appear that the younger generation in particular have forgotten how to write properly.  Are they trying to wipe out the English language?  Will this become the language of the future?    It's a worrying trend isn't it?


  1. You know what? I have just finally worked out what lol means! Everybody seemed to start using it before I had a chance to ask... :)

  2. Am just catching up with blogs - I love your new picture at the top is it near you?

    I'm hopeless at txt speak, just take ages spelling out the word. My main irritation is that the default for mum is nun and since most of my texts are to the kids this comes up all the time.

  3. It took me about 10 minutes to understand what "STFU" - a phrase that Willow Palin kept using in a FaceBook chat. "Lol" is rather lame when people use it constantly to show that they have made a joke. A emoticon is enough (enuf?) and "2day" is really only one letter less than writing it out and, in fact, I think, if you are texting it requires more clicks of the buttons. (I could be wrong but I am too lazy to check.) And this is probably the source of the problem in the first place.

  4. Seeing 'text speak' outside a mobile phone annoys me to no end. I see it on Facebook, forums and Blog comments all the time, and often by mature adults. I think it's both lazy and rude. How difficult is it to use a few more keystrokes to get your thoughts across properly and sensibly? The person is seriously that busy they must resort to 'test seak' to save time and in order to communicate? If so, then what are they doing faffing about with that particular Social Media to begin with? Grrr!
    Yes, it's a pet peeve. :)
    Kind regards, Kitty x

  5. It is beyond me.
    We don't have mobile phones or things to take text messages but the abbreviations leave me puzzled....though I did come across one I liked
    rolling on the floor laughing my arse off
    which neatly describes me reaction to political any country.

  6. I'm sooooo old..I don't even use the abbreviations..except for the "lol". Most of my texting is full out spelling. I can understand the text stuff typed on FB..but it confounds me when people have to text me on my PHONE!
    I got a Qwerty keyboard when I upgraded to new phone and the only reason is..If I call my daughter..she never answers but if I text her or the grandkids..I get an immediate reply. Why is that? Aren't we regressing? When Bell developed a way for voice to be heard over a wire, how could ya get much better then that? He should have invented texting first..and then moved to voice. I blame him for all this texting...and here is an "lol" for you!

  7. P.S. I question the grandson..on his shorcut language on FB as it makes me nervous thinking this is what he deems is correct spelling. He is always able to prove to me that he knows how to spell correctly. He laughs at me for worrying! Kids!

  8. I have made it my mission never to text. What happened to telephone conversations?

  9. Heiko: Yes it took me a while to work out what it meant!

    Rose: Hi..nice to see you! The photo is yet another one of the views I look at every day..taken by someone else in our village.

    Nomad: I do use it for texts of course except when I'm texting a member of my Turkish family when I write all words in full...the Turks have their own text speak of course and I just can't cope with that too!

    Kitty: It seems it irritates you as much as it does me!

    Fly: I don't actually mind the appreviations such as ROFLMAO, which I also think are quite funny. It's just the constant shortnening of words outside of mobile phones that gets to me.

    Charlotte Ann: Yes I've noticed that I get more responses to texts than I do to actual phone calle. Glad to hear the grandson knows how to spell correctly!

    likeschocolate: Maybe it's that calls are so expensive these days, and often the mobile companies give free texts so I guess this is where it has led.


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