Monday, 10 January 2011

Walking the dogs

Our dogs rarely go out for long walks.  They get enough exercise running around our garden...usually chasing cats...but are probably bored with the same environment day after day.

Mr A and I can never seem to find a time convenient to both of us to enable us to take the dogs out together. Because the hill up to the house is so steep and the surface uneven, it's impossible to manage two dogs on my own.  I've managed to trip over a few times without two dogs on leads.

This morning the weather was beautiful and Mr A had an hour or so to spare, so off we set.  The dogs were so excited, and it made us realise that we really have to find more time to take them out.

We came across a man and his wife working in the fields, stopped for a chat, and they insisted that we help ourselves to some of their we came back with a huge bundle of leeks.  The Turks are always so generous.  You can never refuse anything they offer because they would be deeply offended.

I remembered to take my camera with me but unfortunately only managed a couple of shots before the battery died.

(click on photos to enlarge)


  1. Isn't it amazing how green everything is? With a blizzard bearing down on the Atlantic states in the US, it's really hard not to feel a bit smug. Still, it is colder here in Izmir than it normally is this time of year. We don't really see much winter until about the second week of February. I have had a head cold all week-which, while not deadly, is quite persistent. I think it's due to the coal burning heaters.

    Lovely photos.. I especially like the last one.

  2. Hi Nomad. Yes it is so green everywhere. I moaned about the rain last week but of course this is the result. I've also had a persistent cold for almost a week. I don't normally take anything for colds, except hot lemon and honey, but Mr A bought me some Theraflu forte tabs on Saturday and they seem to have done the trick. The walk this morning also helped to blow away the bugs. xxx

  3. hi there, happy new year!! it looks like you are having perfect weather! the scenery is just lovely. Have a great week!!

  4. Hi OJ. Yes the weather is lovely at the moment.

    Happy New Year to you too xx

  5. your writing has such a familiar warm feeling to it.. like something back from a cosy childhood.. i love the scenery, the rain seems to have done wonders as always!

  6. ahhh dog walking, so good for the sole x

  7. AbeerJ: What a lovely comment..thankyou xx

    Kelloggsville: :-))

  8. Dogs do like their doesn't seem to be a question of exercise, but of pleasure.

  9. What beautiful countryside...such lucky puppies.:) Are those olive trees in the stone walled field?

  10. beautiful pictures. I think this is the first time I've seen this part of where you live.

  11. Yes it's definitely the pleasure.

    Mr H: Yes they are olive trees, this is an olive growing region. Most people hav olive trees here, both on their land outside the village and i their gardens.

    Charlotte Ann: These are the roads at the bottom of our hill which lead to other villages, surrounded by farming land. I would have no problem walking the dogs once I reach this point. It's getting up and down the hill with them that's difficult.

  12. Haven't been around the blogs in a while because I was tied up in my last revision. This new format you have is gorgeous! And what amazing pictures! Now I'm yearning for a Turkish sojourn, but I'm trapped under snow and ice here at home. Thanks for the escape :)

  13.'re welcome and thankyou xx

  14. Lovely photos. It is good that the neighbour was so kind. The dogs must have had a brilliant time too.

    I walked 5 miles today but unfortunately I worked up quite an appetite!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  15. Maggie: The dogs loved it. 5 miles? Good for you! Walking always gives me an appetite too...for all the wrong food of course!


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