Thursday, 24 February 2011

...and let's change the subject!

It seems that those of you living in England...well certainly in the area where Billy lives...have been having lovely weather today, whilst we are still experiencing storms and torrential rain.

So here's Billy enjoying the weather today  and having fun in the park.


  1. He looks so cute, you must really miss him!

  2. It's been lovely here in Mid-Wales, too. Quite sunny and sooo much warmer :-) Shame it's not expected to last over the weekend. Glad your grandson has been aking advantage of the sunshine.

  3. Yes, that is a cheer up...he is a sweetie.

  4. me: Yes I really do miss him. Every time my daughter switches on her laptop now he thinks he's going to see me and calls out "Nanny"!

    P in T: Oh the good weather never lasts there does it? Shame!

    Fly: Yes a big cheer up...gorgeous isn't he?

  5. Quite pleasant today. He is a cute little chap, that Billy of yours.

    I have just taken my entire family on that cliff walk (via your blog) and everyone (especially my daughter) was a bag of nerves afterwards!
    Better by far than paying for a ride at a fair.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  6. Maggie: He is so cute..can't wait to see him.
    Haha...glad your family enjoyed the walk...I can't bear to look at it again!

  7. Gorgeous pic of Billy, very gloomy here today yuk xx

  8. He's such a handsome weee chappy :-)

    C x

  9. Bomb: The gloominess (is that a word?) continues here too.

    Carol: Thankyou xxx


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