Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Do keep up.....

...yes I am indeed trying to keep up.   My last update on Mr A's adventures here was only a matter of a couple of weeks ago, when you may recall him exchanging the motorbike for a car.  This was a different car to that which he had exchanged for the motorbike some weeks earlier.  Still with me?

It was a good idea to have exchanged the FIRST car for a motorbike because it enabled us to get rid of the 1000 lira still owing on the car.  However, selling by motorbike was proving to be difficult, so he changed the motorbike for the second car, which meant he still owed money but this wasn't due for payment until March.  Always optmistic, Mr A was certain he could earn enough money selling fish to be able to pay this when it became due.  Keeping up?

He has worked very hard with the fish.  Up at 4am most mornings to collect the fish from the boats, then out all day till late evening selling it.   It has provided us with enough money for food, but very little else.  The weather is getting warmer and it seems there isn't as much demand for fish, and it has to be sold quickly.  Naturally there is some wastage, so even though this is good news for the local cats, it hasn't helped us too much. 

After almost 13 years of living with Mr A, I am quite used to his impulsive ways. I used to get quite anxious about his rash decisions but surprisingly I just seem to take it all in my stride nowadays.

I phoned him earlier to ask him to bring some coffee home with him later.  He informed me that he has just taken the car back and exchanged it for a motorbike!   He was getting really worried about the fact that the fish isn't selling as well, and won't unless he goes further afield...which will cost more in petrol, which means less profit, and no guarantees that he will shift all the stock before it goes off anyway.   He's well aware that apart from having to save for the money still owed for the car, we also have bills to pay.  No doubt he has another idea for earning money, which will be possible to do with the use of a motorbike...I've no idea what as yet, but I'll soon find out.  But of course he no longer owes any money on the car, because he now has a motorbike...again....still with me?  (Please feel free to stop reading at this point..or maybe you already have)

So he told me this on the phone and I just replied "Oh OK"...I am just so used to it now that I just let him get on with it.   We have no choice.  Winter here is always like this...just doing whatever we can to survive.  And I've had 12 winters here, and we've always got through them somehow.  He wheels and deals, ducks and dives, does whatever he thinks necessary at the time...sometimes with a good outcome, sometimes bad.  He reminds me of Delboy in Only Fools and Horses.....but without the Reliant Robin...although I'm sure if he could find one here to swop for the motorbike...he would.

So I do try to keep up with his adventures...but mostly I don't bother.  What's the point?  It will all change again in no time at all!


  1. But we love keeping up with his adventures. And wish him well with all of them.

  2. No problem whatsoever keeping up with the state of play on car, motorbike, fish, etc...all very clear.

    Good job he's so resourceful...and that you're so relaxed about it all!

  3. How about Mr. A becoming a second hand car salesman. He seems pretty good at to me.

    OK. I heard you. I'll shut up.

    Good Luck.

    PS My wife is the same with me!

  4. Thanks Rosie xx

    Fly: There's very little point in my being anything but relaxed, if I want to keep my blood pressure normal!

    Quit while your ahead Jack ;-)
    Sounds like your wife is also long-suffering! xx

  5. You must have an adventurous spirit too!

  6. Yes I guess I do up to a point Kelleyn...but I'm getting a bit old for all this really!

  7. I love hearing about Mr Ayak's adventures. I wonder what the summer will hold for you both?
    Your life sounds like one long adventure!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  8. sure have an adventurous life with Mr. A. I'm also married to a Turk but that was way back in 1988. He doesn't like to live in Turkey he loves to stay in Canada where I'm from. Mine isn't adventurous......will follow your blog now to see where he leads you next. Thanks for sharing. :-)

  9. Delboy! My goodness, was just watching an episode of that show with DH the other day.
    Still, you know what jumps out at me, as an outsider? How willing to work Mr A, and how he's out there every day doing what he can. So very commendable!

  10. Sounds just just like my fella Linda, however I still cringe and my heart beats ten to the dozen when I listen to some of his daft and wonderful ideas.

    In a way, I love it because he is always thinking out of the box, and other ways it gives me heart attacks because I think he is going to spend our life savings!

    They drive us mad but we wouldn't swap them for the world!

  11. Maggie: Who knows what the summer will hold? I can't think further ahead than one day at a time at the moment!

    Erica: Hi and a warm welcome to my blog. I would be very pleased if you could add your name to my list of followers. It sounds like Canada has had a calming effect on your husband! If you want to read more about Mr A's adventures, scroll down to the labels.

    Deniz: He never gives up..which surprises me at times!

    Natalie: SNAP!!!
    I used to get the same feelings of anxiety, but they have subsided over the years. We don't have any life savings...never have had...although if we had they'd be gone by now! Used up on some silly idea. But you're right...we wouldn't change them!

  12. It's as well that you do take it all in your stride Ayak, otherwise you'd be a nervous wreck! Good luck to Mr A with his new plan!

  13. i really love the way how you handle all this. not many women woould allow their husbands to be so adventorous. you are really supportive.

  14. I try jedilost...not always easy!


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