Tuesday, 8 February 2011


I am amazed that although I was blogging just a few days ago about how winter had arrived, suddenly summer seems to be on it's way again!  The last two days has been magnificant. Temperatures around 20 degrees has had me outside in a t-shirt again, having coffee on the balcony.

This weather also has me thinking about spring cleaning...only thinking..not actually doing!  But I do get restless and I have blogged before about how I have this obsession with moving furniture around.  I can be sitting doing nothing, when all of a sudden I'm jumping up and moving sofas, armchairs, wardrobes, etc.

The biggest problem is that I don't plan it first.  I move something large and then find that I've blocked myself into a corner and the only way out is to climb over everything.  I've spent two days on and off doing this.  Moving stuff back and forth, deciding I don't like it, and changing it again.  At one point yesterday I had an armchair firmly wedged in the doorway between the bedrooms and the sitting room.  It just would not budge. The only way out was to climb over it...and then to lift the dogs over.  Poppy is easy, but Beki weighs a ton!
The dogs have more sense.  They shot off into the garden and stayed there for a couple of hours...they know better than to get in my way when I'm moving furniture.

I left the chair for a while and had a chat with my friend on msn.  Time was getting on, and Mr A was due home, so I had to tackle the chair.  He gets cross with me for doing this, because I always strain my back...I'm really suffering for it this morning.  However, surprisingly the chair suddenly became unwedged and ended up where I wanted it to be, and I'm happy with how it all is...for now anyway.

Today I'm going to make a start on sorting out the contents of my wardrobe.   I'd actually like to move the bed and the wardrobe, but that will have to wait for another time, until my back can cope with it!

Do you have any similar obsessions?  What do you do when you get bored or restless?


  1. Not similar Ayak, but exactly the same one! The problem is, of course, that the furniture only fits best in one arrangement so, after I've moved it all I end up moving it all back because it just isn't right. I wonder if there's a self-help group we can join?

  2. I get struck by urges to move everything round too...and, like you, I don't plan it and end up humping stuff backwards and forwards....
    I'd just retiled the little shower room here before we went on holiday and now want to paint the upper walls...which I should have done first, of course...but it didn't become apparent until I came back and took a fresh look at it!

  3. Me: That's the problem şsn't it? I'm restricted on space and it's difficult to change the layout really. If there isn't a self-help group perhaps we should start one :-)

    Fly: I have exactly the same problem with my shower room. The tiling was done two thirds of the way up before we moved in but the walls above, not only need painting, but plastering too! We really should do it but I'm dreading it.

  4. It's strange how men never get the urge to move furniture about. I wonder if it's because we have a 'Y' chromosome.

    Only joking.

  5. Well i dontget to the urge to move things anymore cos I cant do it but basically I just have phases to clean clean clean or sort out sort out sort out lol. Be careful with that back though! xx

  6. I love shifting furniture around. It makes the whole place feel different, a change is as good as a rest.

  7. When I was younger, I used to do this sort of thing all the time. However my joints and back are far too problematic and I could never do that now.

    I once took a whole morning moving a piano from the front of the house to the back, by myself & there were so many difficult turns on the way. I didn't like it there, so spent the entire afternoon moving it back. I was exhausted.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  8. Jack it definitely seems to be a female trait.

    Bomb: I think I need to slow down!

    Kelloggsville: I agree!

    Maggie: Shifting a piano? That's really ambitious! I shouldn't be doing this these days either. My back and hands are quite painful today!

  9. I do absolutely the same thing! I'd say we aren't bored, we're creative :)

  10. L, L & P: Then from now on I shall say the same thing!
    And a warm welcome to my blog xx

  11. I've managed to find your Blogger profile Susan but can't seem to get connected to your blog, and I would love to take a look. Maybe it's a connection problem here or Blogger playing up again...but I'll try again later xx

  12. Yo yo,
    Ayak, look whose back? :)

    You and your blog both have been missed, my friend! :)

    And yes, I do have a similar obsession of moving things around. I am always moving my bed around my room, it just makes everything look so new and alive! :)

    Lucky you are having spring there alreasy, Gosh, it's still -18 degrees here in Calgary! :/

    Huhh... School has been insane here. Hope you are doing well :)

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  14. Hi Kaibee. Nice to see you again. Hope everything is good with you xx

  15. Oh boy, have I been in the same chair predicament as you before. You have a way of bringing out the humor in the situation though. Thanks for the laugh.


  16. Hi Brenda. Well of course it is funny after the event, looking back on it, but not so at the time!

  17. We have much in common. Hopefully will be back. Nice blog.

  18. Hayak!

    Have a gawp at this:


  19. Brilliant Phil. And do you know that's just the sort of thing Mr A would do (and we have a lot of damaged furniture to prove it!) xx

  20. HaHaHaHaHa!! Give Mr A a big high five from me. He's a bloke - and a scholar (Python-esque)

    Was very moved by your ten answers a few posts ago - or rather specifically, the one about Mr A arriving home, exhausted, in the rain on his motor bike, wearing a plastic bin liner to try and keep himself dry, and clutching a flower for you.

    Cut right to the chase for me. I could visualise that moment for you both quite perfectly - I stared at the Pc screen for a goodly long moment, and it put a goodly old lump in my throat too.

    I'll remember that scene for a very long time. Serious Ayak.

    And of course money had nothing to do with it. Precious and very real.

    Thanks for sharing that with us.

    You're still a 'challenged' Feng Shui Ninja though.


    Ooops...My Mackerel's burning!

  21. Grumpy Old Ken: Hi and welcome to my blog...thanks for popping over...nice to see you xx

  22. Phil...what would we do without people like you in our lives? Always in good spirits with lovely things to say to cheer us up. Thankyou xxx

  23. I do exactly the same thing. I will be watching tele or sitting there reading a book and suddenly get the urge to move furniture around. Hubby loves it as it is the only time, under the sofa gets cleaned!

  24. Haha Natalie...another one like me! Oh yes the mess under the furniture!


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