Saturday, 19 February 2011

Silly Saturday

Some of you may have seen this video before.  It's fine if you have a head for heights.  I don't, and it actually brings me out in a cold sweat! If you have the the whole clip to get a real sense of fear!

More about the most dangerous walkway here

Have a good weekend!


  1. Goodness, Ayak!
    I feel like going to bed and gibbering with my head under a pillow after that!

  2. It has much the same effect on me Fly!

  3. I hate heights but must admit that I would really enjoy that hike as long as I didn't have to go back down...going down is always worse than going up.

  4. Never mind, I just watched the whole video and think I will pass on that adventure...yikes!

  5. Mr really do need to watch the whole thing to get the real feeling of fear! (I think I should add a note to my post to that effect)

  6. I couldn't even continue watching after the first few seconds...

  7. Oh it gets much worse after the first few seconds Piglet!

  8. I felt a complete wreck after that journey.
    Where are the railings and why aren't they repairing the walkways?
    No way could I have attempted even the easier bits.
    Health and Safety would have a fit.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  9. I got to three minutes and then thought I was going to throw up!!

  10. Well blugga that for a game of mountain goats. I used to be a bit of an adrenalin junky myself in a previous life – but never heights. It’s not the falling that concerned me particularly. Just the violence and finality of the landing part that scared the be-jezuz out of me.

    If their Mummy’s saw this – they’d be very upset.

    And who on earth would want to land the job of building that in the first place. I gather it was back in 1902 as well, which was before they invented 'rope' was'nt it?!!

    According to your info link here, they are going to start re building it for the next three years, sometime this year. I'd rather watch paint drying.

    Scary Wary's.

  11. Maggie: I think the worst part was negotiating the bits where the path was missing and balancing on the metal bars...eeek!

    Natalie: Three minutes isn't bad!

    Phil: There have been quite a few deaths there apparently. I don't think they should re-build it really...although I'm sure there are an awful lot of adrenalin junkies out there who would disagree!

  12. I hate heights. Sadly my husband loves them. He finally got me to the the top of the cathedral in Milan this year. Thankfully the weather was good. Otherwise I don't know with all that marbel on the roof.

  13. Wonderful! One or two Health and safety issues though!

  14. likeschocolate: Ooh that was very brave!

    Most definitely Ken!

  15. Linda - I know I haven't been around lately. Just in case you think I've disappeared, I've been reading your blog all the while - I get your RSS feed to my mobile. I'm trying to finish my degree. I'm still posting on my blogs, but definitely not visiting as much as I should. Hardly check FB more than twice a week either. I've got more than two thirds of the degree completed and only a few months more to go. I was going great guns for a while and then I got sidetracked with this and that. Then I woke up and checked and realised that my degree programme expires this June, so I have to get my skates on! So I'll be like this for a while longer. Please don't think I've disappeared on you - I'm still very much around and very much following you! (that's how we put it in India LOL)

  16. Hi Maria: No problem! We all have times when everything needs doing yesterday! You'd better get your skates on to meet that deadline! I'm still reading yours, even though I don't always comment. In fact I read a lot more blogs too that I don't always comment on..the only way to absorb as many of them as possible.

    Take care xxx


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