Friday, 25 February 2011

Some Useful Links

Some of you may have seen a recent post of mine about an organisation called MyLetsAdopt.  I did in fact put a picture and link to their website on my sidebar.

Although I commend the good work that is being done by these people, I'm finding some of the recent posts on there quite extreme.  I found  THIS ONE  for example quite disturbing.  I have left a comment, which although showing up appears to be awaiting moderation, even though replies to previous comments have been answered.

So today I have removed the link from my sidebar, and in it's place I've posted some links to Facebook pages of some of the other wonderful groups that I support.  I hope you might find these of interest, and maybe even decide to add your name to their list of supporters.


  1. Thanks for alerting me to this...what a shame to let some fanatical idea take over the genuine work done for animals.

    I'll look at the links you put up.

  2. You're welcome Fly. I first started to get a bit concerned when there was a demonstration in Istanbul recently, against the conditions at the dog refuge there. This was aimed at the mayor. Fair enough. But looking at some of the comments on Facebook after the event, it was all becoming a bit fanatical and I'm not convinced this is doing their cause any good.

  3. What a strange post. Perhaps the author was PMT at the time of writing it. Not the right action to take really.

  4. I agree Natalie. It did make me feel a little uneasy about being associated with them really.


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