Friday, 11 February 2011

When is spam not spam?

I mentioned the  new  Blogger spam system recently here and here.   It's still working well and is picking up comments by that well known spammer "Anonymous" and placing them firmly in the spam box.  Most of the time these comments are so obviously spam, but it's really irritating when you get one that starts off in such a way that you think it's a genuine follower, and it's only when you get to the last sentence that it hits you.

The following comment, which I plucked from my Spam box this morning from good old Mr Anonymous, appears to be one that you could perhaps be forgiven for thinking is genuine.  It also appears to have been translated by using something a little more superior than google-translate, but I still don't understand much of what they are trying to say.   Have a look. 

"Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Blog problems update":

I am just content I finally spotted this excellent website as I had been trying to get it for a while since this is an exceedingly enlightening web site. I am going to say hi quickly. I will be thirty-eight years of age moreover I'm working as some sort of optical technician. I prefer to try out game titles like It Came From the Desert and engage in sporting events along the lines of crochet. My freshest leisure activity concerns google sniper 2.0 review. I started reading a worthwhile piece about this which said: The actual Search engines Sniper Two product is the revolutionary model of your unique Bing monster item which is a simple and easy incredibly simple straightforward set of recommendations for even a beginner plus the Search engines Mindblowing Two technique are an easy sensible clear to see couple of guidelines for any Amateur online marketer. If you don't prefer to look into the e-book you can watch this video clips as an alternative. Search engines Killer Not one but two strategy is concerning choosing not at all hard key words so you couldn't ought to hang on months just before seeing any improvements. Bing Mindblowing A couple of is simply one technique to generate income, and it is a wonderful way to start. Would it be the perfect internet website marketing method around. I'm not sure whether the data is correct however it helped me regarding [url=]Google Sniper 2.0 review[/url]. I'm certain I'm able to seek for a large number of pleasurable facts on this web site for that reason I'm going to be here a lot from now on. I'm hoping I will even add to the data seen on this page. Take it easy everyone, thank you for this friendly welcome! ", what do you think?  Is it spam or not?

And note for Anonymous.  If you are genuine, I hope I haven't offended you, but if you are as you say "going to be here a lot from now on", then please do use a name other than Anonymous, or I'm afraid this post will be your only "5 minutes of fame"....any future comments will end up in the spam box for deletion.


  1. Ayak, this is absolutely spam. It is quite clear that this person has no idea what your website is, who you are, what you write about, or the purpose of your blog. This is just a template that this person is sending to all types of blogs in order to push his product (or website? It is still somewhat confusing to me exactly what he is trying to sell.) I get crap like this all of the time and it immediately goes to my spam folder.

    The other thing to keep in mind is that some people for whom English is not a first language would not recognize this as spam. I have received many "comments" such as this one where the person has come across my blog, says something like "Oh how nice this website is" and then proceeds to talk ad nauseum about their great product/website/whatever. To me, that is spam. They are not contributing to the discussion on my blog, just using it as a platform to sell their crap to my readers. That is the very definition of spam.

  2. Ha ha ha! I am forever wondering who generates this crap.

  3. I loved the bit about "I am some sort of optical technician." Years of education and she still can not determine her specialty. :)
    But she is correct.. yours IS an exceedingly eenlightening website.

  4. Definitely spam, no doubt whatsoever! It mentions a website and the comment is nothing to do with your blog. I get a lot of spam saying that they really like my site etc. etc. but it's obviously not from someone who actually wants to read what I've written. In general, if it's from Anonymous it goes in the bin!

  5. Hi Barbara. Thanks. I knew it was spam all along but this post was an experiment. Of course it went straight in the bin but assuming that English is not their first language, and also assuming they won't even bother to read these comments, I just wondered what they might do if a whole post was dedicated to them. I have to agree with you that there are times that it's really not obvious at first. They seem to be getting cleverer these days. I had one recently (posted three times in fact) under the name of Anonymous, but he signed "David" at the bottom..which threw me as I know 3 Davids who read my blog.

    I'm so Fancy: Welcome to my blog. And yes...crap it most certainly is! (not my blog obviously :-))

    Nomad: Thankyou my friend. I rather liked the bit that said "sporting events along the lines of crochet"!

    Me: Yes definitely spam. There's no reason at all why anyone should post as Anonymous unless they have something to hide or are up to no good!

  6. Ayak: I did a search on the internet using the opening line from anonymous and found this post from someone calling themselves SmewsZereSoge. Notice the similarity of the way it is written, although the content differs slightly?

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  7. Spam.... definitely.
    Anyone who can't be identified or who doesn't answer your post in a personal way, has to be spam as far as I'm concerned.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  8. While in France I just had the one, very nasty, person who made me decide to got to comment moderation....since moving to the other side of the pond I have spam galore!
    I think it must be something to do with where I am situated as I also get loads of spam in my e mails too...not just the Nigerians about the house, but all sorts of rubbish.
    Americans I know here seem to take all this for granted!

  9. Jack...that is VERY interesting. I wouldn't have thought of searching that way.

    Maggie: Yes you're right. xx

    Fly: I assume you have anti-virus protection? I have tried various different ones...just the free ones which are sufficient for me. I also used to get loads of smap emails. I changed to AVG a few months ago and I hardly get any now..That might be a coincidence, of course, but it might be worth trying

  10. Fly...sorry...."smap"?? I'm afraid my fingers are working faster than my brain this morning!
    You knew I meant spam didn't you?

  11. I always have to go through the spam box before deleting because for some reason my sons teacher is seen as spam from the internet. Though sometimes I am glad I miss her notes. Also airline information.

  12. Kind of weird but definitly spam. I should check my spam folder sometime soon...oops.

  13. phishing spam - don't follow any links in mails where you are not 100% confident.

  14. likeschocolate: Yes I can imagine you might be pleased that the teacher goes into the spam box sometimes!

    Mr H: I'm still quite impressed with this Blogger service and that it's working efficiently...hope I haven't spoken too soon!

    Kelloggsville: I don't trust links at all...never click on them unless I know who they're from.

  15. I never get spam comments. Nobody loves me :-(

  16. Think yourself very lucky Charlotte Ann...they are a bloody nuisance!

  17. Personally I'm a bit partial to the old 'spam' as this spamlink will reveal...

    And if you like that and you want to post something back for Mr Spamonymous here, take a gander at this link too...


  18. Do you know Phil, everytime I hear the word spam I automatically think of that Monty Python sketch!

  19. Sorry Ayak - Old news now, in the scheme of things, but I couldnt 'sleepy poohs' tonight - so yes...I've just been listning to the Spammer Songers and thereby some of my original humour evolvers, along with 'Spike' and the Goons, Sellars, Hancock, Connely, Cleese and Palin and ....


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