Sunday, 6 March 2011

Busy Week Ahead

The in-laws are due this month, and as usual Mr A is busy tidying up the garden.  I'm afraid it tends to be neglected most of the time.  Neither of us really enjoy gardening...we do try to muster up enthusiasm, and I follow Heiko's and Mr H's blogs for inspiration..oh I wish I could be like them!   I could blame it on the fact that my arthritis makes it quite difficult for me to do an awful lot of gardening, but if I'm honest I just don't have green fingers.

My Dad was a brilliant gardener.  Years ago when he was still alive and I lived in England, he used to look after my garden as well as his own.  He just loved it, and I loved having him around.  He did try to encourage me to take an interest, but it never really worked.  He would have taken great pleasure in getting his hands on our garden here.

It's a good thing that we have these visits by the inlaws though, because Mr A is always anxious not to disappoint his father, who as you know criticises everything we do.  So the garden is now looking good.  Mr A has spent two whole days digging and clearing weeds.  He still has half of the garden to do but it's getting there.  He is also about to move the chicken wire from the perimeter and place it so that the dogs won't have access to the areas where we have fruit trees.  They do enjoy digging holes and they always seem to do this more when FIL is's almost like they are deliberately trying to annoy him!  They will still have plenty of room to run and dig from now on, but they won't be anywhere near the trees.

We also have to repaint the spare bedroom because the walls have been affected by damp.  Fortunately the last few days of good weather have helped to dry it out.  There are also parts of the kitchen and sitting room which need re-painting.  I was going to undertake this task.  If we were using ordinary paint it wouldn't be a problem.  But we use kireç (whitewash) and it's incredibly messy.  But it's also very cheap.  Two bags are all we need to do the job and they cost just 2 lira each (less than a pound).  Mr A has insisted he has time to do it all.

Tomorrow he has to go to the carpet centre in Bodrum again to negotiate and hopefully obtain a contract to start work with them on the 15th ...fingers still crossed.  This will leave him a week to finish everything here.  He also reckons that he is going to find time to work on his father's land on the outskirts of the village.  I doubt it very much, but this is the main reason for the inlaws visits, and Mr A reckons that the more work he gets done, the less time they will be staying...good thinking Mr A!

I'll leave you with a few more photos of the village.  These were taken from our village Facebook page so I can't take the credit for them.


  1. It's nice to see some more photos of your countryside. Whitewash is very cheap here too, and we've used it in the village house on the walls that are particularly damp.

  2. Hi Ayak - great pictures, you live in a very beautiful area! As for your lack of gardening skills... welcome to the club! I think I'm even worse than you: I've managed to KILL every single plant that I have ever tried to tend to.

  3. Tis good to see that your still managing to blog!

    Sheesh, having the in-laws coming to stay is always a bit stressful and yours sound like they are harder work than most!

    Good luck sweetie

    C x

  4. Gorgeous scenery, Ayak. Odd how we always have to tidy up for visitors, whether the house or the garden. Still, if it weren't for them coming we might never get round to it. Hope the visit goes well and, more importantly, the contract negotiation.

  5. More good luck wishes Ayak. We've used whitewash too. Ha ha I was just looking at it and noticed enormous dusty cobwebs between the beams - time for more visitors!

  6. Good luck to you and Mr. Ayak with your gardening and painting endeavors. Do you know what I hate to do more than just about anything...paint walls.:) I'm curious, does your FIL have something growing on that property you always mention or are they just doing general upkeep of the land?

  7. Fingers crossed for Mr Ayak...and fingers crossed for the visit of FIL and MIL. Mark you, the advent of visitors is about the only thing that makes me clear up!
    Our lawyer and her daughter are coming to lunch it's a muck out job today on the balcony which Mr. Fly has annexed as a potting shed!

  8. Lovely to see more photos of your village.
    You sound very busy and I hope the whitewashing goes well and doesn't make too much mess.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  9. Hope all goes well with your in-laws visit.

  10. Good luck with all your hard work! Your photos always leave me feeling jealous - that sunshine gets to me every time. Here, it was cold and dark and rainy and snowy and cold again this weekend...

  11. I'm not much of a gardener either but fortunately, my wife is. Mind you, the garden turned into a 'natural garden' with lots of weeds ( I called them wild flowers) and knee high grass when my wife had back problems (she is over that now).

    Luckily, my eldest son brought home a girlfriend who was into gardening and she sorted it out. I was so amazed at her energy I had to lie down because she made me feel so tired.


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