Friday, 4 March 2011


One of the most enjoyable aspects of blogging is receiving comments from followers.  And I always get great pleasure from being able to respond to these comments.  So you can imagine how frustrating it is for me not to be able to do this at the moment due to this wretched ban.

I also love commenting on other blogs and again am really irritated by the fact that I can still read them, albeit anonymously, but that I can't respond.

So I just wanted to do a post (while I have my dashboard..which comes and goes) to thank you for your comments.

Thankyou to Rosie, me, Perpetually in Transit, jan, auntiegwen, Mr H and  Maggie for your good wishes and support.    Also to  Seasonal Cook in Turkey who is also affected by the ban, but is managing to get around it by emailing her posts to a contact in the U.S.

Charlotte Ann, Fly in the Web and Kelloggsville ...also a big thankyou for your support and for offering to "host" my blog in some way.   Kelloggsville, Nomad (also in Turkey but cleverer with internet stuff) , Phil, Jack Brooks and jedilost have all offered me technical advice, some of which I attempted but failed, some has worked, and other stuff has simply gone over my pc numpty head!   Thankyou for taking the time to offer's very much appreciated.

And finally... ( hoping desperately that I haven't left anyone out) thankyou Bombshellicious for adding yourself as an author to my blog, so that I have a way of posting if all else fails.   I would have been happy for any of you to have my password and do this for me,  Bomb seemed to be the obvious answer, because we speak on MSN almost every day and she's a bit of a technophobe like me, so we have a bit of a laugh whilst we are muddling through together!    You have all become friends and it's lovely to have friends who are willing to help when we have problems.  I hope I am able to return the favour some day.

And now I suppose I should try to think of something suitable for my Silly Saturday post tomorrow.  I could just write more about this of the silliest over-reactions this country is fast becoming famous for!


  1. We can't do much for you, but we can try and keep going as normal. I've gone back to being 'jan' now.

  2. Glad you're still in touch, in a fashion. Still think you can eventually get around this problem for good, but perhaps not until that cold of yours has moved on to Syria.

    You havnt seen my reading glasses over there have you? Can't find them anywhere over here...

  3. Yes, silly would just about sum it up...if it weren't such a blasted nuisance!
    Do you think Erdogan is worried about a day of anger in Turkey? Shutting off Blogger seems a good way of getting one!


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