Friday, 11 March 2011

Finding work.... just so difficult in this counry, particularly for people like Mr A who rely on the tourist industry to give them a job.  There are too many people chasing too few jobs.  In today's economic climate, many people can't afford to have holidays so businesses close before they really get started through lack of customers.  And then you have the bosses who want people to work for them  but are reluctant to commit themselves by giving a contract or a firm starting date, but expect you to wait around for a phone call saying they have a day's work for you.

Mr A was interviewed by a carpet centre in Bodrum last week.  He returned there on Monday in the hope that he would receive a contract and be given a starting date.  He came away with very little, other than being told to be there next Tuesday as there would be a group of customers coming.  Thereafter he would be at home waiting to be called for the next group which could be weeks.

He spent this week ringing contacts and managed to obtain the promise of a job with a carpet centre near Kusadasi to start today.  This comes with personnel accommodation, so he set off on his motorbike yesterday with his suitcase for a journey which took him more than 3 hours.   He doesn't want to be away from home again.  I don't want him to work away from home.  But what choice do we have?  He has to earn money..he has to go where there's hope of work.  But of course there are no guarantees.

He will try to get back on Tuesday for the group in the Bodrum centre, in the hope that the situation there might have changed and that they can offer him something more permanent, because then he can come home and travel to work each day.  But I have a feeling that he is probably likely to have to stay where he is this year.

I thought I was used to him working away.  He has had to do it so often and I've always coped, but last year  I realised that this no way for a marriage to survive.  It takes it's toll on both of us.  I'm not sure I can continue to live this way year after year.

I am also concerned now that I have no-one to look after the dogs when I go to England next month, and I will be gone for over a month.  It's a big problem.

The in-laws are due sometime soon.  It won't be the first time I've had to entertain them without Mr A.  I'm used to it but I get no enjoyment from it, particularly as I have to grin and bear the criticism which is always forthcoming from FIL.

At least the garden is tidier than it was a week ago.  There's still work to be done but it will have to wait.  Mr A also whitewashed the spare bedroom yesterday before he left.  I cleaned up the mess after him (and there was a huge mess!), washed the curtains etc, so it's ready for the inlaws visit.

It's very cold at the moment.  There has been snow in many parts of Turkey, and although it was forecast for this area, it hasn't yet.  The weather affects my arthritis and my joints are painful.  Beki also suffers with it too and doesn't spend too much time outside.  We're just trying to stay warm and positive...but it's not easy.

The blogger ban continues and there are no signs of an end to it.  It's frustrating not being able to comment on other peoples' blogs or to respond to comments on mine, but at least I can continue to post at the moment.

Although if I continue to post in this depressive mood I'm pretty sure my followers will disappear!

I'll try to be a bit more cheerful tomorrow...promise!


  1. Don't apologise for your mood when life is throwing so many difficulties in your way at present, Ayak. It must be really hard to feel so cut off from Mr A and your followers out here and we hope things will improve very soon.

  2. Mrs A. Although I haven't had to live the lifestyle you and your husband are having to put up with; I do have a very good understanding of what you are going through.

    A few years ago, I was in Uganda for a couple of weeks and got first hand knowledge of how a family with a difficult financial circumstances had to live. It was that experience that galvanised both me and my wife to each sponsor a child's education and health needs in an African country. For them, less than £20 per month is life changing.

    Although Turkey gives the impression (to me anyway) of being a reasonably wealthy country, I could not help but notice the striking similarities between your situation and what I saw in Uganda: husband struggling to find work; working away from home for long periods; small and irregular pay; buying food when you can (their staple diet was bananas).

    I truly hope that your luck changes and things improve.

  3. I do hope that the Bodrum job comes miserable to be without Mr. Ayak when you've had such a rotten winter.

    If letting it out on Blogger helps...let it out.
    There's a lot of people who care about you out here in the ether...

  4. Wish I could watch those dogs for you...that's a tough one. Hang in there and try to focus on how nice it will be to see that adorable little grandson of yours.

  5. Hugs to you Ayak Ill have plenty of chocolate and custard here when u come to cheer you up lol xx

  6. Oh, I hope the Bodrum job comes through for you. And we are not fair-weather fans! We'll be here regardless of your mood. I'm praying for you.

  7. I'm here to stay! I'm just a bit busy lately. Hang in there. Surely this ban can't continue.


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