Saturday, 12 March 2011

I promised to be cheerful today...

...and I'm trying...really I am!  Problems can usually be overcome.  It's important to remain positive and focused.  This is my current mantra.  If I repeat it often enough, I'll start to believe it.

The problem with getting someone to look after the dogs for the month I'm in England has been solved.  My dear friend Gwen,  lives in England and also has a home in Selçuk.  She comes over as much as she can and  it's her intention to retire here completely in the future, but commitments in England prevent her from doing so at the moment.  She is due in Turkey at the end of this month and hopes to stay for up to three months.  She loves my dogs and will look after them for me.  Understandably she doesn't want to stay for a month here in the village, so if Mr A can get the dogs over to her, she will look after them there.Thank heavens for good friends!

Mr A and I talked a bit more about what's happening.  Even though it would be better for both of us if he could work closer to home, if that isn't possible, the job in Kusadasi seems to be more reliable, so he may well have to stick with it.  He knows I'm unhappy about staying here for another year on my own, and we are trying to find a solution.  He is going to look around for a small place to rent over there.  It has to be small, furnished and cheap...and most importantly we have to be allowed to have the dogs there.  This is where the problem lies of course, because the Turks aren't keen on dogs and it's almost impossible to find a Turkish landlord who will accept them.    If we do manage this, it's also possible that I can work with Mr A on an ad hoc basis...just going in to talk to customers when they have large groups.  This will hopefully enable us to earn as much as possible to live on through next winter when there is no work.

There are a lot of loose ends which need tying up...lots to sort out...but it has made me feel a bit more positive today.

And there's always something going on in the world that puts all our problems into perspective.  The horrifying tragedy in Japan has left my speechless.  I cannot imagine what those poor people are having to endure and my heart goes out to them.


  1. Glad to hear that one problem is solved and that there are rays of hope on the job front. Now you can rest easy while here in the UK and not have to worry about the dogs.

  2. What a relief about the dogs...and what a good idea if you can find a place to rent at would be great if you could work together.

    Such a nightmare in Japan...and now it looks as if one of their nuclear plants is in meltdown.
    Another Chernobyl?
    I do hope not.

  3. I am pleased about your plans and that you have someone to look after your dogs while you will be in England.
    I have just posted about Japan and the way it affects our family and now, it appears that things have got worse, if thats possible, with the power stations. My family have so many relatives over there, we are very worried.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  4. Glad the dog care problem has been solved, Ayak, and hope that the new job and new flat come to fruition very soon.

    The unfolding catalogue of disaster in Japan does indeed put our worries into perspective. Those poor people....

  5. Yes I too am glad the dog issue has been sorted with that you will be able to relax when u come over knowing that they are being well looked after. I also feel so sorry for the Japanese and everyone else that is affected, the world just seems to be going crazy xx

  6. Finally the dog issue has been settled. You work those problem-solving skills, girl!
    I also feel for Japan. I have a friend who's father lives there, and I pray that he's alright, along with everyone else.

  7. Hi Ayak, I echo the comments of everyone else here. Delighted too that you've managed to secure such a good holiday home for the dogs for a while.

    The ungodly events that are still unfolding in Japan for so many of its good and decent citizens, beggars belief. That, and our feelings of complete impotence in being unable to do anything of use or worth for them all at the moment.

    There by the grace of ...


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