Wednesday, 16 March 2011

A much needed makeover

Summer's almost here.  Temperatures over 20 degrees today.  I've been busy this week cleaning the house, washing bedding and curtains, and suddenly it hit me.

Every year around this time I  realise that I have neglected my body all winter.  It's all too easy to hide unshaved legs beneath jogging pants, cracked heels under socks, and skin that needs exfoliating under layers of clothes.  My hands are cracked and my nails are a mess.  My eyebrows are out of control.

And now the sun is shining and I'm aware that I will have to start exposing some of this flesh that has been well hidden all winter....and panic sets in when I realise I really only have a week or so to transform myself into a new woman!

I've found various tools which were part of two manicure sets, a dozen bottles of nail polish, only two of which were not sticky or solid, and several jars of hand and body lotion.  I also have some natural algae facemask and exfoliating mitts left over from the hamam business.  Oh and a couple of new razors which should deal nicely with the hairy legs.

So I am sitting here typing this with a towel wrapped around my head and my face is bright green.  No..I'm not's the facemask.  In 10 minutes time I will rinse it off, get under the shower, shave my legs and exfoliate my skin.   Tomorrow I'll make a start on my hands and feet.   I will continue this regime from now on until I am beautiful.   OK...not so much beautiful but an improvement on my current state!

And talking of makeovers...Billy's had a haircut...not too short but it's quite lovely:

So...are you someone who regularly follows a beauty regime?  Or do you lapse during winter like me?

And I welcome any tips you might have which might help to speed up the process.


  1. Loved the Billy haircut!
    No, not lapsed, collapsed.

  2. LOL Lovely image of a green-faced Ayak :-) I'm afraid I'm completely lapsed - one of the advantages of being my age and living in a temperate climate is that I don't have to expose too much of myself to the public gaze, even in summer.

  3. Sorry, posted too soon. Lovely photo of a gorgeous grandson.

    20C in March? Now it's me that's green - it can't be more than 8 here today.

  4. I ignore myself completely in the winter, although I didn't when I used to go to work. Like you, I've realised that soon I shall want to at least roll my trouser legs up, so something needs to be done. Soon!

  5. worried I may have to call the proffessionals in to shift the hair on my legs!

  6. I still haven't taken my feet out to check on them this year! I imagine they'll need some attention. I did get a haircut last week, though. :)

  7. Well I am good I try and I say try lol to keep myself up together but to be honest I do feel a bit of mess at the moment and I too had a bit of a scrubbing up session recently .. not that I notice its done any good hahahahaha xx

  8. "Summers nearly here.." Dont count your Turkeys yet Ayak! I use 'Eyebrow Gel'. Keeps mine under control in even the strongest winds. They'd frown at me down the pub if I didnt keep my eyebrows neat and tidy.


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