Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Packed in like sardines

I'd almost forgotten how crowded the village dolmuş is on Milas market day. In fact I haven't been on the dolmuş for months as any trips into Milas have been by car or motorbike recently. I decided against the 9.00am bus as this is usually crowded, thinking that the 10.00am one would be less so. I was mistaken. The dolmuş seats 14 passengers. The driver crammed around 29 people in...actually I lost count after 23 but I'm pretty sure this figure is accurate. I did manage to sit down on a seat intended for two, but shared it with a woman and 2 children. I had a heavy woman leaning on me for the entire journey..not her fault...she couldn't move, but she might as well have been sitting on my lap, she was that close!

It was warm today...very warm on the dolmuş. But because it's still March all the villagers were still wrapped up in their winter clothes, and they don't dare open a window at this time of year. Stifling doesn't begin to describe the atmosphere. We all tumbled out in Milas gasping for air, and I did some shopping in the market. I didn't stay long and headed for the bus station for my return journey. I had half an hour to wait for the next bus, but there were a lot of people waiting so one of the drivers decided to make an extra trip. I didn't realise until I got on the dolmuş that this extra bus appeared to be for the benefit of the men of the there I was, the only female, wedged up against the window, surrounded by farmers who I don't think have been near a shower all firmly shut. The journey seemed to take forever, as some of the men needed to pick up sacks of fertiliser, another stopped for some bags of kireç (whitewash), then the driver stopped to fill up with petrol.

I will not be going to Milas market on the dolmuş for the foreseeable future!

The latest news on Mr A. When I spoke to him yesterday he had been talking to his father on the phone. I don't know exactly how the conversation went but Mr A got the distinct impression that if we both stay in Kusadasi this season, leaving the house empty, then FIL may try to take the house away from us. I really don't know whether he would really do this or whether Mr A is being paranoid....or perhaps it's all about FIL and control again. Anyway Mr A thought it left us with two alternatives. He could continue to work in Kusadasi, I would stay here, and he would come home a couple of times a week. Or he could hope that the job in Bodrum comes up and move back. The problem with this job is that it won't start till around 15th May and it's uncertain how long it will last. The job in Kusadasi however seems to be going well. They have customers and the job could last until October or November.

Mr A slept on it and when I spoke to him this morning, he had more or less decided that we will both stay in Kusadasi, and we just take a chance on whatever FIL decides to do. I'm not sure we will rent my friend's apartment in Selçuk, for various reasons. I think she is happy to help but I do feel that it may well be inconvenient for her if she or her family want to stay there this year. She hasn't said as much but I don't want to make life difficult for her. Mr A has learned of an apartment very close to where he works which is likely to become available sometime next month. He will check it out and see whether they will accept the dogs staying there.

So no definite plans at the moment but it seems to be heading in the right direction.

I heard from Claudia of Seasonal Cook in Turkey blog, that she had learned that the blogger ban was about to be lifted and that it would take 4 or 5 days for it to be up and running again. I don't know how true this is, but we live in hope.


  1. the dolmus sounds like the tube at 5:05 but with slightly less suits and slightly more fertiliser (although judging by the smell sometimes I'm not convinced!)

  2. Fingers crossed for the possible apartment, Ayak, and for the lifting of the Blogger ban. I'm glad the new job looks like lasting into the autumn.

  3. How stinky of the Father in law to make things more stressful for you guys when you have had such a ruff year.

  4. Hope the Blogging ban lifts soon and that you can go to Kudasai in the summer without losing your other house. FIL does seem to like to control you both.

    That stinky journey sounded horrendous! Just as well you have a sense of humour.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  5. The dolmus sounds horrendous! Our travelling in Turkey was so long ago that I've forgotten what it was like. The Kusadasi job sounds the better of the two, and you don't want to spend all that time apart really I don't suppose, so you're not left with much choice, but things sound as if they're much better for you both in general.

  6. Typical men!
    Why on earth Mr. Ayak saw fit to tell FIL of your options is beyond me. Plain as a pikestaff that FIL would jump on a chance to manipulate!
    I don't know where men get it from but they should take it back pronto.

    Fingers crossed whatever you decide.

  7. SOunds as though a plan is coming together hopefully FIL wont do anything about the house he definitely seems a very controlling man xx

  8. Think I would have climbed out onto the roof. Could have spent the journey shouting much profanity to the wind about the blogger ban.


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