Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Test post from Bombshellicious on behalf of Ayak

This is a test post by myself on behalf of Ayak she is now not able to access her blog at all at the moment .... we are just trying something out and hopefully if this works she will post via me and let you know whats what .... bear with us cos its like the blind leading the blind both of us are non technical lol.


  1. Oh my what an awful thing to happen Ayak, I'd be lost without my blog, I'd be happy to help in anyway I can. Just email me. xxx

  2. Well, I've received this on the Ayak, fingers crossed.

  3. Re: "This is a test post by myself on behalf of Ayak etc"

    No....No....I definitely can't see this one Bombshellicious. I'm looking as hard as I can, and...No, it's definitely not there.


    Try posting it again wearing a very silly hat this time.

    Normally works for me...

  4. YES! It's fine..I received Ayak's blog..though I know you are accessed and posting on it Bombshellicous (sp). If she emails her posts to you and you post them via her blog site....and I'm just guessing that is what you are up to...we will all be able to stay in touch with her. Maybe you could copy and paste our comments in email to her and at least she will know we are still here for her!

  5. Just a random thought here - can you not access your site via your facebook account link, and then just post comments as a visitor under the name 'Ayak Says..' etc? Your icon wouldnt appear of course, but that would'nt matter.

    Alternatively you could try accessing 'Bombs' blogger site via your Facebook account, then click on her links to your own blogsite, and see if that route fools the Turks, and allows you to leave comments as if you were a visitor again - as 'Ayak Says..'

    If any of this worked, you'd be able to 'Sack Bomb' on the spot - as services no longer required!

  6. Omg now have the giggles. One way or another am sure Ayak will figure it out with all the help she is getting, at the moment its all going over my head but Ill do my bit when needed and hopefully I can be sacked when its all sorted. Hmmmm have never wanted to be sacked before omg this is a first lol xx


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