Wednesday, 2 March 2011


This is a test post.  I have no idea whether it will be published because from 6pm last night the Turkish government imposed a blanket ban on Blogger....see this link

So it would seem that because of something that someone did that the government didn't like...again, as with other websites before such as Youtube, everyone suffers.

I'm trying to find a way round being able to post and receive comments.  I can't access anyone else's blogs anywhere...but I can still read comments if I click on "comments" on my dashboard.

The only way I will know if this is published is if someone comments...but I won't be able to respond.

And frankly I haven't a clue what I'm doing!


  1. I replied on the previous...if you'd like to e mail me your text and photo I'll put them up on mine...thanks to your PC for numpties course!
    An absolute disgrace.

  2. That's dreadful, Ayak. I hope the situation can be resolved very soon.


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