Wednesday, 2 March 2011


The way things stand at the moment.  I can post using the backdoor as mentioned in my previous post.  I can't view my blog or post on it in the usual way.   I can't respond to any of your comments.  But thankyou so much those of you who have responded.  I am getting email notifications and can also view these through the backdoor, ie by using the Comment section on my dashboard.

Thanks to Nomad I can also use a link which enables me to browse anonymously, which means that I can also read all of your blogs, but unfortunately I can't comment...browsing is all I can do.   But I am delighted that I can at least read blogs now.   Well that is unless someone removes this facility too.

I've had some more advice and instructions about improving upon this but my head is full of cold today and my brain isn't functioning as well as it normally does...haha which isn't brilliant at the best of times!

So from having absolutely nothing in the early hours of this morning....I now have a limited blogger service which is a hell of a lot better than none at all.

Thanks everyone for your kind words of support and for continuing to read even though I can't respond.  It's very much appreciated xxxx


  1. did u try ultrasurf? it is rather slow and it may be pesky if you already have a slow cınnection but it is definitely worth trying. go to and download the software where ever you want. unzip it where ever you want and just run it. to installation nor some geeky settings required. and enjoy every site you want.

  2. All your posts have come through fine, Ayak, and it's great to know you can read comments and blogs, even if you can't comment yourself. Keep posting and reading, while this mess is sorted out, as it surely must be sometime.

  3. Hopefully the government ban won't last for too long.

  4. Shame a few spoil it for the majority ... dont worry somehow it will all get sorted and remember you have many friends on here that can at least offer advice and hopefully u will be up and running properly somehow and beat the system lol love and hugs xx

  5. People power in action, that's what you've got behind you...techies and numpties alike.

  6. Glad to be of service.

    Gecmis olsun, canim. (not Gecmez olsun)

  7. let'ssee if I can comment because I can't on my own blog..

  8. well that's really weird. The whole thing is bizarre. All day I couldn't get into my blog and all of a sudden, my husband typed in my website and it worked. But no comments. And it seems I have just won an award!!!! My very last post is only there because I emailed it to my sister in the US and she was able to put it on the blog!!! And FB but I can't open that link although she can. We'll get there in the end, Ayak!!!

  9. Better to have limited than none!
    I only heard of your dilemma this evening. I am a bit behind with blogging.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May


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