Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The way to get around bans for pc numpties...part 3 (or test No. 3)

OK...You all know by now that I struggle with technology.  Fly in the Web insists that I have helped her with the technical side of blogging.  But it's very much like the blind leading the blind.  I try to do something on my laptop and it fails...many times...then somehow I manage to achieve it and promptly forget how it was done.  I then attempt it several more times before I actually remember how to do it.  Only then do I pass on advice to Fly, and because she's like me, she understands my  long-winded explanation.

Of course there are probably easier ways of achieving these and the real pc whizz kids may snigger at my explanations...but so what? If it works for me...and Fly...that's OK.

I've just woken up after only 3 hours sleep.   I have a stinking, streaming cold and ended up falling asleep early last evening, and then was wide awake by midnight and switched on the laptop.  That was when I discovered that the ban on Turkish bloggers had been imposed.  I clicked on the link in my Favourites which takes me to my blogger dashboard...and nothing.

I only have email addresses for a few of you, and some of you are friends on Facebook, so I sent messages to let you know what had happened.  I had a reply from Nomad who also lives in Turkey, with lots of advice about proxys and doman names and other techy stuff, which I just couldn't grasp.  He does know though that I am a pc numpty, so he won't mind me saying that I didn't understand most of it.  And if you read this Nomad...please know that I am always very grateful for your advice...please don't stop giving it, because one of these days it will hopefully sink in (I hope).

Fly and Charlotte Ann have also offered to provide a space on their blogs for me to submit my posts and for them to publish.  Thankyou for that.  The problem here is that I cannot access anyone else's blog as well as my own.

I've sent an email to my brother-in-law who helps me when I'm stuck.  He gains access to my laptop and sorts things out and when he has time I'm hoping he might be able to sort out a proxy for me so that I can access my blog, and your blogs, post and comment as normal.  But I have to be sure I understand what I'm doing first and that might take time.

Anyway I'll get to the point in a minute (you see...I did say I was long-winded).

So before I succumbed to my 3 hour sleep, I clicked on to the link for my dashboard and it appeared.  I then clicked on "Edit Posts" and could view my posts that way.  Then I clicked on "Comments" and could view all the comments on my blog.   Are you with me?  I can't actually open my blog but I can see these things through the tools on my dashboard.  That was when I wondered if I could actually write a post this way.  So I clicked on "New Post"...typed the first test...then the second...and clicked "publish".  It seemed to least it came up as "published" and appeared as such on my "Edit posts" page.  And then by some miracle when I opened my laptop half an hour ago, I found email notifications from some of you responding to my test posts.   I then went again to my Dashboard, clicked on "comments" and could read them there as well.

I'm now quite pleased that I've discovered this way of posting and receiving comments, even though I can't respond to your comments.  I hate it that I'm restricted in this way, and particularly because I can't now access any of your blogs.  The ban is on Blogger, who have upset Digiturk, who then complained to the government, who clearly couldn't be bothered to deal with it in the way that most governments would, by weeding out the's easier to impose a blanket they did with Youtube and which was only reinstated recently.

Blogging is such an important part of my life.  I think many of my loyal followers know that I'm pretty isolated in this little backwater Turkish village, and the friends I've made through blogging mean so much to me.  I can't imagine how I will feel if I lose this form of communication entirely.  I don't know if I will be able to continue to blog this way "through the back door" but I'm hoping that I can and that you will continue to leave your comments, and forgive me for not being able to respond to them.   I'm very sad that I can no longer read any of your blogs.  You can't imagine how frustrating it is that I can see my Reading List on my Dashboard but when I click on them I get a message saying that access has been banned by the government.

So I'll continue like this for as long as I can, and also hope that my brother-in-law may help me find a way to get back to blogging, reading and commenting normally.


  1. Goodness, what a thing to happen, and I can imagine how frustrating this must be for you. Touch wood that you'll manage to find a way to blog properly, but in any case we'll still be reading you!

  2. Ayak - Try 'Googling' the names of some of your follower's blog site names - mines: - and see if you can access their sites via the Google search engine.

    If it doesnt work with Google, then Google up Yahoo, and do the same search via their search engine.

  3. Could you do it by email. I would happily take on admin rights to your blog/comment system and post up responses for you if you mailed them to me. May be another option for you. If you converted to a comment system like intensedebate or discus are they blocked? You may find they still work. Try it. Their help sites are very good.

  4. Let us know if you manage to read blogs using Google...

    I know what you mean about the importance of the blog contact when you're socially isolated.

    I'm wondering if...if you can't access via Google... whether we could copy the blog posts to e mail and send them you?
    Some tech wizard will know and you seem to have some at hand already!

    And all this because some goon wants to watch live football!

    Hope your cold seems to deaden the bran when you have a bad one, in my experience.

  5. Yes! Kellogsville is suggesting the same solution I presented. Let us know if I can be of assistance and I will continue to keep up with you on Facebook and email. Hang in there my friend. We will be here for you on whatever way you decide to handle this!

    my url is


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