Tuesday, 8 March 2011

What's with the weather?

The weather here in Turkey is pretty predictable.  You look at the sky first thing in the morning and you pretty much know what the day is going to be like.  I have a weather widget on my laptop and if I check that it's usually quite accurate.  However, recently it's all over the place.  I check the forecast for the next few days...I go back to it later in the day and it's changed.  Yesterday had me sitting outside in a t-shirt.  Ooh summer's nearly here...or is it?   When I checked the forecast last night it would seem that temperatures were about to drop drastically and there was even a chance of snow for Wednesday!  But that forecast has now changed again...the mention of snow has who knows?

The blogger ban continues, and there isn't much news about what's actually happening.  However it would seem that President Gül has taken an interest...see this report.  So it may be a glimmer of this space.

Mr A set off for his second interview in Bodrum yesterday.  Halfway there, the wheel came off his motorbike so he phoned the carpet company who were happy to wait for him while he got it fixed...more expense!

I was hoping to see him return with a signed contract, but this hasn't happened yet.  He has been told the job is his but when companies delay dishing out contracts you can never be certain that they definitely will.  The season doesn't start properly yet, but there is a group of customers arriving on the 15th and he has to be in Bodrum for this.  He will then be at home for a further couple of weeks, but on call if required.  And he also has to be prepared to travel to their other branches should the need arise.  I'll feel a lot happier when this job has been confirmed in writing.

In the meantime he is continuing to work on the garden, and if we don't have more rain, then hopefully he will be whitewashing the spare bedroom walls towards the end of the week.

It sounds like Mr A is doing all the work around here doesn't it?  But I've been busy too, sorting out cupboards in the house, and clearing out more junk from the old house, as well as the usual stuff like housework, washing, ironing, etc.  Much as I'd like to just sit and watch Mr A work, there's always plenty to occupy both of us!

And if there is indeed snow tomorrow I'll have my camera ready.  It's such a rare occurrence in these parts...I must make sure to record it!


  1. I think the weathers been peculiar for the last year and a half! Good luck with the job for Mr A.

  2. Fingers crossed for confirmation of Mr A's job and for a speedy lifting of the blogger ban. In those circumstances what the weather chooses to do won't matter :-)

  3. A bit north of you in Izmir, the winds are quite wild and the bottom fell out of the thermometer during the night. Strangely, there is talk of light snow where YOU are and not here. Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if it snows here. Usually the large inland bay keeps Izmir snow-free, while right outside the city you can have highways closed due to conditions.

    As far as Gul's remark. Although I like him on a personal level more than his "partner," I suppose he knew when he said that that his opinions have little real effect since this is- at least on the surface- a purely judicial matter. Changing the law which allows blanket punishments is undoubtedly an involved process, made more difficult by the fact that so few of the legislators actually even understand what Internet is.

  4. Fingers crossed for the job...employers seem to want a lot of commitment without giving much themselves, it appears.

    Sounds like a mighty spring clean in, out house and'll be just about flat by the time FIL arrives on the scene!

  5. I hope he gets the job. do keep us posted. sounds like you're really into the spring cleaning. I'm almost inspired but we have to move in two months so I'm debating if it's even worth it!


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