Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Yet another update

You're probably all pretty bored with this by must be because I am!

In my last update I said that I was able to post by using the tools on my dashboard....because I could at that time actually access my Dashboard.   Well...then I couldn't (access my dashboard that is).

Some of you kindly offered me space on your blogs to post, or alternatively offered to post on my blog for me.  In this respect, and as I speak to her on msn every day, I asked Bombshellicious if she would kindly do this for me.  So she got into my blog with my password and added herself as an "author"...hence the previous post.

I was just typing this post up on an email to send to her, and decided to check the words that appear in Turkish on the screen every time I click on the link for my Dashboard....when all of a sudden I was able to access my Dashboard again!   WTF!!!   This is peeing me off bigtime!

So now I am typing this post again from the tools on my Dashboard.  BUT I am going to leave Bombshellicious' status as author on here, because you can bet your life I'm going to need her any time soon!

Current state of play:   

I can access my Dashboard
I can post using tools on my Dashboard
I cannot respond to comments on my blog posts
I can read my list of blogs that I follow but I can't access them
I can use an anonymous facility to browse...both my blog and your blogs but cannot post comments.
I have a rotten cold which is getting progressively worse and my brain hurts.
The sun is shining but it's doing nothing to make me happy.
I need an early night.

Thankyou Bomb for your help (please don't go away because I'm sure I'm going to need you) and thankyou to everyone else again for your kind comments and offers of help.  I have picked up some very useful tips from you and because of this I won't be beaten by this idiotic ban.

PS...After I posted this I lost my dashboard again.  But after a while I realised that I could in fact get it again as long as I didn't try to access it through Google.  I really do not understand all this...ouch my poor head!

PPS.  Now you see you don't...aaaargh.   One minute I have the dashboard and the next I don't.  I have no idea what's going stick around Bomb!


  1. Good for you, Ayak...always good to beat a stupid system.

  2. Oh Ayak, no wonder your head hurts!Don't let the idiots grind you down.

  3. It will depend on the server you are routing through to access it. Sounds like the government has done a half hearted attempt to block it. Just to double check are your other Turkish blogger friends in the same boat? Just to rule out any local firewall rules on your laptop,router or ISP. Don't worry about 'moaning' about all this. I'm finding it very interesting.

  4. You're not boring me either. I find this fascinating. It never occurs to me that this could happen here in the USA BUT...should this government be threatened by it's citizen, I'm not sure it wouldn't respond in the same way the Egyptian government did when it closed down the internet. I'm sure a lesson was learned from that by the government here in the states...just sayin...........
    I remember when our motto was 'dont trust anyone over thirty" and now since I've long passed that milestone, I've substituted "never trust a government".....and so it goes.......


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