Friday, 15 April 2011

Another PJ day

Another day of doing very little.  That was yesterday...a whole day spent in pjs.  Blame it on the weather.  Gale force winds and showers.  I just can't muster up enthusiasm for doing anything when it's like this.  But when the sun is shining I'm raring to go...until the intense heat from June onwards of course.  It was also Mr A's and my 12th wedding anniversary yesterday and he had hoped to try and finish early and make the journey home but there were customers and this weather on a motorbike is treacherous.  So the weather suited my mood...miserable.

My friend Gwen arrived on Monday and left on Wednesday lunchtime.  Wednesday was a glorious day.  As soon as she had gone I stripped beds, cleaned the house, did piles of washing and ironing and thought about making a start on weeding the garden.  I decided to leave it till yesterday, assuming the good weather would continue.  So it didn't get done and looking at the weeds this morning they seem to have multiplied over night.

Mr A and I are still dithering over whether he should stay in the Kusadasi job and try to find something for us to rent over there, or to pursue a job in Bodrum.  It's not easy to discuss all this on the phone so I'm hoping he can get home in the next day or so, then we can sit down and work out our budget.  I'm concerned that we may end up with outgoings exceeding our incomings, so we need to put it on paper.

It's 7.30am and the sun is shining and my mood has lifted.  I'm off on the early bus to Milas to get some shopping and then I'll be back to tackle the garden...provided that the sun continues to shine of course.


  1. Well, I'm reading this in my PJs if that helps, Ayak. So sorry Mr A couldn't get home for your anniversary. We tell ourselves it doesn't matter, but it does. Hugs! Hope the sun continues to shine - tackling weeds can be very therapeutic. Not long til your trip now. :-)

  2. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband. Hopefully, you will find time to celebrate and sit down and talk.

  3. Happy anniversary....let's hope the passengers have changed into summer clothes for your bus trip!

  4. Happy Anniversary!
    I hope you can get together to work out all these finances and future jobs and things pretty soon.

    Bad weather in Turkey is not what immediately springs to mind when I think of that normally sunny country!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  5. The weather in spring is the very best weather, and what a shame it doesn't last until September!

  6. It was seriously sunny yesterday, I got sunburnt (and I never burn) on the boat to Samos. But that was some rain storm on Thursday, we practically floated down the mountain to Kusadasi when we went to get ferry tickets.

    Spending at least one day a week in PJ's is fine - I am wearing PJ's and it is 6.30 in the evening and I haven't changed all day, but then I don't have to, it's village uniform :-)

    K xxx

  7. I love pj days! I had one a couple of weeks ago when my husband was away at a conference - spent the whole day in bed with the cats, reading and writing and blogging.
    Purely for selfish reasons I think it would be neat if you guys rented a place a in Kusadasi - then we could maybe meet up for cay in August!


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