Saturday, 2 April 2011

Earthquakes and Storms

Apparently, according to Mr A, there was an earthquake in Muğla yesterday. He heard from a friend, who heard from his friend and so on...Chinese whispers in action. Muğla is a city but it is also the province in which our village is situated.  I have been informed by people in this village that we are on solid ground here and rarely experience tremors.   I have felt them in the past, when we lived in Turgutreis and in Selçuk.  Nothing really substantial.  It feels much like standing on a train platform when an Inter-city train speeds past.
I can find nothing in the news about the earthquake in Muğla so it couldn't have been serious.  We do in fact have earthquakes in this country almost every day, but they mostly go unnoticed.

Last night we had the mother of all storms here...probably the worst one I've experienced in all my years here.  It lasted for about 8 hours, and it was relentless.  Continual lightening and claps of thunder and torrential rain.  I'm not concerned about storms generally.  I make sure electrical appliances...particularly my modem..are disconnected and just wait for it to finish.  But I have to own up to being quite scared of this one.  It was like I would imagine it to be in a war zone with bombs dropping all around.   Beki hates storms and she was in an absolute state of panic. She runs from room to room as if she thinks she can get away from it and when she realises she can't she cowers in a corner, trembling.  No amount of comfort or reassurance from me calms her.  Poppy is not normally affected by storms, but this time she leapt onto my bed and burrowed under the quilt and lay trembling on my feet.

When I got up this morning the sky was dark grey, and there were still flashes of lightening and claps of thunder but the rain had eased off a bit.   I needed to go into Milas to get some food so I decided that I'd just have to suffer the weather.  I got wet going down to catch the dolmuş and even wetter when I returned to the village to climb the hill to the house.  I've been back for half an hour, shed my wet clothes, and would you believe it?  The sun is now shining!   If only I'd waited a bit longer.  However there are more black clouds in the distance so I'm sure there are more storms on the way.

The Blogger ban continues and I can find no up-to-date news about it.   Other bloggers in Turkey don't use Blogger so they haven't been affected.  Others are finding alternative ways around the problem.  Claudia from A Seasonal Cook in Turkey kindly messaged me on Facebook to give me information about getting a VPN.  She has done this and is back to normal blogging.  I'm scared of anything too technical but I think Claudia is sensible in taking this route, so I've emailed my brother-in-law in Ankara for some technical assistance.

In the meantime, I'll continue to post this way, and again apologise for not commenting on your blogs or being able to respond to your comments on mine.

Have a good weekend.


  1. I'm just happy to keep blogging! I know comments are wonderful to have and to not be able to read them would be a loss to me too. You will have some great reading when things get back to normal. Loved the post..sorry about the storm!

  2. I wonder how long the ban is going on for? It must be a great nuisance but at least we get news through your blog.

    We had a minor earthquake in BLACKPOOL a couple of days ago, registering 2.2!
    Living where we do, I wasn't aware of it.

    Hope nothing bigger happens in the region of Turkey where the tremor was felt.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  3. Poor little dogs...let's hope the sun is back to stay.
    What on earth is a VPN!
    Whatever it is I hope it works for you.

  4. Oh no, poor little Beki. Glad you sirvived the storm without any serious issue, sounds like it was a nasty one.

  5. Oh dear. Blogger still banned eh. Let's hope they resolve the problem soon. Keep posting.

  6. eek bad storm! I listen to storms on my ipod at night to help me sleep, wonder if I would have slept through yours?! Bah Humbug to the blogger ban.

  7. Hey!
    I missed both the earthquake and the storm. I remember waking up in the middle of the night with a clap of thunder and that's all I remember. Having lived in the Midwest of the US, storms here in Turkey seem rather mild. It can feel like the wrath of God when you are caught in a storm in the great plains!

    Take care of yourself.

  8. Oh, I forgot. The ban continues but it seems like the government is not as diligent about chasing up all the leaks (proxy servers etc.) I haven't had to change any of my setting for the last week or so which is a blessing. Silly business, isn't it?

  9. I usually love electrical storms but this one sounds quite scary. Glad you're okay. Hope the blogger ban lifts soon. Still out here reading!

  10. I think the earthquake Mr A means was off the coast of Crete, it was a biggie, a 6.2 and it shook the whole Aegean region, they even felt it in Egypt.

    We had a real spate of them at the tail end of last year and the begining of this year. You can look them up on google maps now, just cut and paste this into your browser and it takes you to the Turkish earthquake site -

    click Googlemap Uzerinde on the left hand side for the latest map.

    You've had about 20 tremors within 10 miles of you over the last month, the biggest was a 3.2 just east of Mugla on 15th March :-)

    K xxxx

  11. Ooops got Milas and Mugla mixed up, you've only had the one tremor in the last month :-) xxx

  12. Sounds scary, Ayak, and glad you're all OK. We get very few storms here and they are usually pretty tame. Fingers crossed the Blogger ban gets lifted soon.

  13. Earthquakes and storms. When I hear of earthquakes in your part of the world, I wonder if that block of stone poised at the edge of a broken arch in the ruins of Ephesus still maintains its poise, while dear Christchurch lies shattered. I remember too a fantastic electrical storm while camping on a beach not so far from Selcuk. You have so many accolades that I am sorry to have discovered you at a dry time.


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