Monday, 18 April 2011

It's Monday again

I can always remember my father saying that time flies faster when you're older.  He was right.  Although I sometimes find that the days seem too long, the weeks just disappear in a flash.

It's Monday again and the start of another week.  One I'm very much looking forward to because I'm off to England on Thursday.  My new grandson could arrive any time now.  The sooner the better is what my daughter probably feels at the moment.  I'm not sleeping too well.  I'm waking up several times during the night and checking my phone in case I've missed a call to say the baby has arrived.

Mr A has now been away for almost six weeks and apart from one flying visit late at night until very early the next morning, all our communication is by phone or webcam.  Not really satisfactory because we  need to sit down and discuss what we will be doing for the rest of the season.  But it will have to wait until I return from England.  He had hoped to take an advance on his salary this week, so I could have some money to take with me, but it was not to be, so he will send me some when he gets paid at the beginning of May.  Just as well as I have to renew my passport during this visit.

Talking of renewing passports, the system for doing so in Turkey has changed.  When I renewed my British passport 10 years ago it was a simple procedure.  I took my existing passport to the nearest British Consul, which was at that time in Bodrum, completed the forms, produced the photos and the fee and it was sent off to Ankara.  The new passport arrived  a week later.

It's no longer possible to do this.  It now has to be sent to Dusseldorf of all places, along with credit card details, photos, post.   Then you just wait for it to be returned by post.    I'm not entirely happy about this so the alternative is to renew it on my trip to England.  This can be done through the "check and send" system at a post office, which takes 2 to 3 weeks.   So hopefully I have enough time to do it on this trip.

I had big plans for tackling the garden last week.  The weeds are out of control.  Unfortunately the weather has been unpredictable, very unusual for Turkey, and we've had strong winds and rain.  Every so often the sky clears and we have glorious sunshine, and then it changes again.  I managed an hour or so on Friday and wish I hadn't bothered.  My joints ache and my arthritic hands are so stiff and painful that even typing is now taking ten times longer.  I'm not going to attempt any more this week, but I'm dreading seeing the state of the garden when I return on 22nd May.  I think we may well have to find someone in the village to help out until Mr A has time to tackle it.

Mr A tells me he has sorted out a car to come here on Wednesday evening so that he can drop me at the airport on Thursday morning and then take the dogs over to Gwen in Selçuk.  I always get very anxious about him sorting out transport to get me to the airport.  He often leaves it till the very last minute, so I only really relax once I'm in the departure lounge.

He has been introduced to a vet in Kusadasi who is a friend of his boss.  She has offered to give Beki and Poppy a check-up.  Beki has arthritis in her back legs, and Poppy's teeth need some attention.  The vet has offered to sort all this out free of charge, so Mr A will take them to see her before he drops them off at Gwen's house.  It's hard to find decent vets here, but Mr A feels confident about this one, so it will be great to have the dogs checked out.

Finally, a big thankyou to everyone for continuing to read and leave comments during the blogger ban, even though I can't respond.  It's very much appreciated.  The ban continues and there is absolutely no news anywhere about how long it's likely to last.


  1. It is true that time goes faster as a person ages.

    So you're back over here this week! Hoping your daughter hangs on till you get here.
    Hope the transport gets arranged on time & that the dogs get taken to your friends (checked by the vet) and that you get to the airport on time. Quite a few worries there!
    I wonder if someone could lend you a goat to eat up all the weeds?

    As regards the passport. There is a scheme here where you pay a bit extra & have the Post Office check your details and you send the passport away in a secure way and it gets delivered back to you in a secure delivery that you have to sign for.
    Might be quicker if you went personally to Cardiff.

    I also have a terrible problem with arthritic wrists and hands and cannot lift much these days. It seems to be attacking an ankle too. Blasted disease!
    Fingers crossed for you.
    Luv Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  2. How old is Mr. A? The reason I ask is that my son's generation all seem to leave everything to the last minute. They Always seem to get there though.

    Or perhaps my children's generation has learned something from foreign lands; mañana

    Enjoy your trip to the UK.

  3. Hope you have a great time back home with your daughter and family and I'm looking forward to seeing photos of your newest grandchild. Safe travels.

  4. Hope all gets sorted for you dont think I could cope with everything being left to the last minute by someone else lol. Hope the baby arrives soon and that u get to have loads of cuddles with Billy and Babe and of course hope you manage to find time for your mini holiday at a certain establishment hahahahaha xx

  5. Last minute arrangements drive me potty...brought up in a household which arrived for the train an hour before it departed...!
    I'm sure all will go well and you'll be as relieved to see your daughter as she will be to see you.
    Good luck.

  6. I'm still here and I'm still reading. Don't worry about not responding. We know you are there and that's enough for right now. Have a safe trip and keep posting from England!

  7. Have a great trip Ayak, and good luck with the passport. I wouldn't be at all happy about it all being posted to Dusseldorf either! Fingers crossed for your new grandchild too.

  8. Good luck with all your travel arrangements and with your passport renewal, Ayak. Don't worry about the garden at this stage - you don't want to make your hands any more painful. You'll have a new grandchild to hold very soon :-)

    All good wishes to your daughter too.

  9. Good luck to your daughter and I hope you have a great trip!


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