Friday, 22 April 2011

Normal service is resumed..

...not permanently.  Just for a month.   I mean being able to blog normally. It's easy to take a lot of things for granted until you don't have them.  I hate this blogger ban in Turkey.  Well to be honest it's not so much the ban as having my freedom of choice removed.  That's what I really dislike.  You all know by now how much I love Turkey and the Turkish people, but I do get irritated and often quite angry at some of the petty decisions made by the "powers that be" and the way in which the Turks just seem to accept it without really fighting back.

So here I am in sunny England!  Excellent flights with Pegasus Airlines...This is the third time I've used them and I'm still impressed at their service and efficiency and how reasonably priced they are.

Mr A arrived home on Wednesday in a rented car.  We had a pleasant afternoon together and had much discussion about his job and how being apart affects us both.  And we've made some decisions about this...I'll talk more about it in another post.

Mr A dropped me off at the airport and took Beki and Poppy for their holiday with Gwen in Selçuk.  They'll have a wonderful time.  They love Gwen and she has lots of long walks planned for a big box full of chewsticks and other doggy treats.

Since arriving in England yesterday I've picked up a passport application form and now realise that renewing my passport while I'm here is not as straightforward as I thought it would be.  Even though the website states that you can renew you passport while you're on a visit to the UK, you can't use the only application form that's available.  There's so much conflicting information on the web about all this, that the other alternative to send off an application for renewal of my British passport...from actually looking like the easiest option after all.

And last but not least...the main purpose of this visit.  To see my daughter and Billy.  I managed to see them for a short time yesterday and am totally amazed at how much Billy has changed since I last saw him.  He is just so unbelievably cute.  He knows so many words.  He chatters, he sings, he dances..he's just gorgeous and I can't take my eyes off him.  Still awaiting  the arrival of the new grandson...could be any day now.  And it's Billy's birthday tomorrow.  I'm so happy to be here and really looking forward to the weeks ahead.


  1. Welcome back to the UK. You have brought some glorious weather with you. Hope you have a good time and don't have to suffer any false alarms with regards to the forthcoming birth

  2. Have a lovely time in our sun. I hope the baby comes whilst you are here. X

  3. Are you enjoying the unusual English weather?

    Getting a passport renewal is more complicated than I thought. Is it possible to go in person to head office?

    It will be wonderful to see so much of Billy and I hope he has a very happy Birthday.

    I'm not sure why Turkey is banning Blogger.
    I do hope it won't be a permanent thing.

    Pleased that Mr A showed up on time and that you won't need to worry about the dogs and that you are both coming to some decisions.
    Will look forward to reading about them soon.

    As for the new baby....... it is really exciting. Another little grandchild to love!
    Enjoy the days ahead.
    Luv Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  4. Brilliant that your trip home went so well and Mr A came up trumps with cars and dog/people transport.And that you at last had time for a proper talk.

    Have a lovely time and I do hope that the baby arrives safely and mother and baby manage beautifully.

    And am loving your new picture at the top.

  5. Lovely to know you've arrived safely and that all the arrangements went well. A good talk is just what you and Mr A needed and I'm sure it helped.

    Now enjoy the sunshine, your family and being able to blog normally for a while and have a wonderful Easter. xxxx

  6. Have a great time! Which I'm sure you will!

  7. Enjoy your time in England! I love your new header picture. My wife is always joking that when we get older we will have to get a cart and donkey to drive around selling vegetables...she loves donkeys.

  8. So everything went like clockwork and you could leave without worrying about dogs, husband, etc...!
    Your joy in meeting Billy again was so infectious, I was smiling broadly while reading!
    Have a great time and I hope all goes well for your daughter.

  9. So glad all went well with your trip back home. Travelling tends to be stressful at any time and it's a great feeling when you arrive at your destination. Billy sounds like a little angel, I know you will enjoy every minute. Is there any way you can extend your stay? it would be great for you and your daughter. My best wishes to her for the birth and looking forward to hearing all the good news soon. Take care of yourself and enjoy some "Cadburys" for Easter.

  10. Hi Jack. Thankyou..The weather is lovely isn't it? I too hope there won't be any false alarms.

    Hi Kelloggsville: Oh the baby should be here any day now, and I don't return home until 22nd May so wll have plenty of time to enjoy the boys!

    Hi Maggie: I can't believe this weather! It is too complicated and time-consuming to renew the passport here and difficult to get an appt at the passport office, so it will have to wait till I get home. I have plenty of time. I can't wait to see my new's so exciting. Thanks for your good wishes Maggie x

    Hi Rosie and thankyou for your good wishes. Yes I like that pic on my header. I couldn't change it before because the ban prevents me from doing most things.

    Hi Perpetua..Thankyou very much and a Happy Easter to you too x

    Hi Jan: Thankyou very much xx

    Hi Mr H: Thankyou. And I can just imagine you and Mrs H with a donkey and cart!

    Hi Fly: Yes everything did indeed run like clockwork...perfect.

    Thankyou very much xxx

    Hi Noreen: Unfortnately I can't really extend my visit because I'm a bit restricted in getting the dogs looked after. But I'm sure I will be busy planning my next visit as soon a I get home! Ooh yes will eat lots of Cadburys!


    I love being able to comment again!!

  11. Glad you got there safely, was thinking about you. Those Pegasus flights are really cheap and reliable, shame they only fly into London. If only they covered Wales my daughter could pop out so much more often.

    I hear good things about the Dusseldorf passport renewal, it seems quick and efficient which is a relief as it frightened everyone when it was introduced.

    Have fun and enjoy the children.

    K xxxx

  12. Thanks Karen. I think Pegasus are becoming quite popular..let's hope they start flying to other UK airports in the near future.
    I've had another look online at the Dusseldorf passport option and it's not as bad as I thought...I think, like most people, I panicked when I first found out. xxx

  13. Glad everything is going nice and smooth and hope baby no 2 is here soon wouldnt it be exciting if it was born today xx

  14. Hi Bomb: The new baby is dragging his lots of false who knows when he'll put in an appearance!

  15. Welcome back to England. How exciting for you - a new grandson, birthday parties - it's all wonderful. I hope you have a great time while you're here. Must be nice to get back to regular blogging for a bit as well.

  16. Love the pic you are using on this and so glad you are back..even for a while!
    Have a great time in the UK...and thanks for commenting once again! lol

  17. 'Cross the Pond: Thankyou..I'm having a great time and blogging normally is a bonus. xx

    Charlotte: Thanks...and you may have seen that the blogger ban has been lifted so I'll be back to normal when I go home too xx


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