Thursday, 5 May 2011

14 days already...

...since I arrived in England.  As usual I'm staying with my brother and sister-in-law who always make me very welcome...home from home.  There was a lot of anxious waiting the first week until Jimi was born on the day of the Royal Wedding.  This is rather amusing because my daughter is anti-monarchy and had no intention of watching the least she was otherwise distracted!

Jimi continues to thrive.  Billy is adapting quite well.  No doubt there will be a few tantrums but he is such a good natured little boy that I am sure they will grow up together being the best of buddies!

I've managed to catch up with a couple of friends, and also my other brother and his family.  I've had my eyes tested...long overdue...and they have as I thought deteriorated.  I managed to get a very good deal on new glasses...much cheaper than I've ordered them.  I can't wait to start using them then maybe my eyes will be less puffy and I'll stop squinting at the laptop screen through my current glasses!

Yesterday afternoon the weather was glorious and I spent a few hours with my daughter, son-in-law and my grandsons.  When I arrived, Billy was napping in his bedroom, Jimi was asleep in his buggy and daughter and son-in-law were both sitting in the garden reading.  I'm not sure how many more peaceful times like this they'll manage to achieve, but I was pleased to see them making the most of it.  They are a perfect little family and so happy...and I am very proud of them.


  1. Oh congratulations. I missed the arrival post. Sorry. It all sounds just perfect x

  2. Just caught up with all your news, congratulations on the new arrival to you all, a gorgeous cutie :)

    I've been in Turkey for 2 weeks and you were featured in an article about Turkish bloggers in the Land of Lights newspaper, I was very excited to see you mentioned.

    Hope you are enjoying your stay in the UK and how nice for you that the weather is so good.

  3. Kelloggsville: Hi.thankyou, and it is all pretty much perfect!

    auntiegwen: Thankyou. I hope you're enjoying your stay in Turkey and that the weather hasn't been too bad. The article was originally published in Hurriyet Daily News and then reached Land of Lights..haha fame at last! There are some realy interesting blogs mentioned in the article..well worth a read.

  4. Glad you're enjoying your visit so much, Ayak, and hasn't the weather been gorgeous for you! Have a lovely time with your family and then enjoy Blogger being unbanned when you get home.

  5. You seem to be making the most of your trip, which is lovely! It'll come to an end all too soon :-(

  6. That was a super moment of peace in your daughter's family...and lovely that you captured it.
    Enjoy yourself...and make good use of the new glasses!

  7. Hi Ayak! So glad you're enjoying your visit. :)

  8. Lovely to hear of all the things you've been doing and glad that everything is fine & that you are enjoying yourself.
    Pity the time is ticking away.......... that I do understand as I did experience the ending of a holiday when my family was in Japan, many times.

    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  9. Great to hear that the family are doing so well!

  10. Perpetua..Thankyou..the weather has been absolutely lovely.

    Fly: A rare moment of peace indeed. looking forward to the new glasses!

    Mel: Hi and thankyou xx

    Maggie: The time goes far too quickly!

    Deniz: Thankyou x

  11. Congratulations! Have a wonderful time with your lovely family. :)


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