Thursday, 26 May 2011

Comfort Food

There are several foods that bring me comfort, custard and Cadbury's chocolate to name but two.

On my trips to England I bring back custard..lots of it.  I often bring chocolate but I resisted this time as I seemed to have put on a bit of extra weight during the month there.

I also bring bacon and Brie...because I love both in a sandwich.  I miss bacon and pork when I'm at home in the way that we always miss things we can't get.  But whilst I'm in England I don't even think about them.  I didn't eat any pork during my visit and only had a couple of bacon sandwiches.

My luggage was 2 kilos overweight this time.  I usually get away with much more but this time I was asked to either pay  18 pounds excess baggage, or to remove the equivalent of 2 kilos from my suitcase and transfer to my hand luggage.  I did attempt the latter, but realised that the only way I could fit anything into my hand luggage...which was only my laptop bag...would be to remove bacon, Brie, custard and also 2 items requested by my friend Gwen...slug pellets and woodworm treatment!

Knowing that these items would definitely be confiscated from my hand luggage I ended up paying the 18 pounds.   Worth every penny of course as I have throughly enjoyed my bacon and Brie sandwiches since I returned.

And there's nothing quite like an English fry-up is there?  Very unhealthy but delicious and most definitely comfort food.  So that's what I had for breakfast this morning:

The diet starts tomorrow!


  1. Mmmmmmm egg and bacon yummy. And custard. And Cadburys chocolate. And for me, Marmite,

  2. I miss pork like mad here - I think it is the tastiest of all the meats :((. Also those lovely soft cheeses. Actually we don't eat much cheese at all apart from a bit of beyaz peynir for breakfast - too fattening: sigh!!

  3. Rosie: Ah yes available in plastic jars which are useful for packing in luggage.

    Bomb: Yes it was!

    Claudia: I love pork too. I don't buy much cheese here because I'm pretty sick of beyaz peynir. I occasionally buy tulum peynir which can be nice for a change.


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