Sunday, 26 June 2011


In the Macmillan Dictionary, one of the definitions of Anonymous is "something that is anonymous has no interesting or unusual features"

This post is a message to "Anonymous" know who you fact there are many of you who tirelessly post your drivel in the comments section of my blog and others.

Do you not yet realise that Blogger has a pretty efficient method of dealing with spam?  Because this is what it is.   Why do you bother?  What's the point? Your post goes straight into the Spam box and then it's deleted. 

If you REALLY have something interesting to say, why not post your real name?  Why be a coward and hide behind the name of "Anonymous"?

As the definition above says "you have no interesting or unusual features".   You are boring...stop wasting your time and find a more worthwhile activity.

..........And to all my dear blogger friends who wouldn't dream of posting anonymously....thank you for your comments..they are always welcome and always interesting....keep them coming!

Enjoy your weekend xx


  1. Oooooh er!
    That was said from the heart!

    I don't know why people comment anonymously but I usually find that most of my unwanted spam are nasty adverts or .... what I call parasites.... who just want to be carried along. They go straight in the trash.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  2. Ah yes Maggie...parasites..I like that description!

  3. I have had problems with my blogger account where I have only been able to leave comments anon for a while but I usually put Kelloggsville says: at the start because I want people to know it's me :)

  4. Thanks Jan xx

    Kelloggsville: Yes that has happened to me before now and I do the same..sign off with Ayak so people know who I am. I think most of us..the likewise.

  5. My blogger account does not work in certain blog templates hence I have been leaving my comments as "anonymous" but I always end my comment with my signature and blog reference - luckily, your blog is allowing me to sign properly ;) Have a good week!!

  6. Hi OJ...yes this also happens to me but like you, I always leave my name.

    I hope you have a good week too xx

  7. Persistent isn't he/she. My advice would be not to react to it. It's the reaction that motivates them to carry on.

    Treat it like junk mail you get through your letter box - put it in the recycling bin without reading it. Works for me.

  8. Jack: I mostly do. Yesterday I couldn't think of anything else to write about so I guess I should thank them for providing me with a topic. It's back to ignoring and deleting again today!

  9. Lately I'm surprised when I can actually post a comment. When I try to post what I have written, I get directed to Blogger's sign on page..even though I'm signed ON at the time and when I try to fill out the sign in and hit "enter" it just kicks me right back to the sign on page. I am trying to post this frustrating..huh? I'm readin..even if I can't post a comment Linda!!

  10. works on your site..but not on many others!

  11. Hi Charlotte Ann: Sorry you're still having Blogger problems...I don't think you're alone. Glad you're commenting here though xxx


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