Sunday, 5 June 2011


Thankyou all so much for your comments on my previous post.  For some reason I haven't been able to comment for the last  couple of days.  Internet, blogger and general laptop problems just seem to be accumulating lately.

I have a shuddering screen.  This has been going on for a while and I've no idea why it's happening but it's really irritating when I'm trying to read or write.   MSN and hotmail have also been playing up and sometimes I am unable to open my hotmail inbox for hours on end.   My keys are either sticking or not typing at all, which means I have to go back and edit what I've written, after every half a dozen words.

For the past week my laptop has been attached to the modem by a USB cable because without any warning I just lost my wireless connection.  I contacted TTNet customer services who inform me that there is no problem with the line, so we went through the procedure to re-connect with my wireless connection.  It didn't work and I was then referred to their technical department.  I had Mr A call them because I can't deal with anything in Turkish which is technical.  They went through a similar procedure but using teamviewer to take control of my laptop.  They couldn't solve the problem either and said there must be something wrong with my laptop...tell me about it!

There isn't an engineer in Milas that I would trust to take my laptop apart.  Oh there are a fair number of computer shops, where untrained and unqualified young boys will happily take your laptop to bits and put it back together again...maybe solving the problem, but more than likely creating another one at the same time.

I've been in touch with my brother-in-law...who does know what he's doing and always manages to sort out my pc problems.  He's away working at the moment with absolutely no free time but he returns home next week and will have a go a dealing with these headaches for me.

Mr A started work in Bodrum yesterday.  A very long day...he set off at 8.00am and returned just before midnight.   Hopefully he won't have to work such long hours from now on, but who knows?  He is working for a hamam at one of several hotels in a group.  He isn't working in the hamam...he's travelling around to each hotel getting customers to book turkish baths.  He was recommended by one of the guys there who worked for him at his hamam last year.  I'm not sure it's what he really wants to do, but it's work, and he has the opporrtunity to look around for something better if necessary.  He is working on commission only on sales, but the advantage is that he will be paid every day for the previous day's sales.

We found a massive snake in the garden on least Poppy found it...and thank goodness Mr A was outside at the time and managed to rescue Poppy.  Mr A killed the snake and received a round of applause and pats on the back from the neighbours...haha we have such exciting times in this village!

So that's it for is pretty much back to normal...whatever normal is!


  1. Very glad Mr a has a job to be going on with while he looks for something better. Can't help about the laptop, I'm afraid, but I hope your BiL will be able to do so soon. I do know that I still can't comment on other people's blogs if I tick the "Keep me signed in" box when I log-on to Blogger. Sigh....

  2. I think Blogger has been stopping people commenting as several people have had problems, myself included.

    The snake sounded awful. Poor Poppy! What an experience.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  3. Popped in to say a quick hello. What a shame you are having such online problems - let us hope they are resolved very very quickly. It is awful to be an expat offline.

    Be strong you lovely woman


  4. I think I may be able to comment again s here goes:

    Perpetua: These blogger problems are exasperating at times.

    Maggie: It was the biggest snake I've ever seen...Poppy was lucky!

    FF: Hi...great to see you and thanks for popping in. Lots of love xxx

  5. Oh goodness Ayak, we get the odd snake, but not huge ones! I don't like the sound of that. Good luck with your laptop, computers can be so frustrating, and I hope your brother-in-law can do something. And well done to mr A!

  6. A massive snake IN THE GARDEN? yikes!

  7. I had the same problem with my cursor jumping all over while I was trying to type something. Very annoying and I solved the problem by turning off the touch pad. (I never used it anyway.) Apparently just resting my hand near it made made it have that effect.
    When things go right with a computer, it is like a gift from God. But if something goes wrong, you just feel like pitching the whole thing out the window and retreating to a cave.
    Good luck with sorting the things out, dear. The very first thing that any Turkish computer repair place will do, no matter what the problem, is to erase your all of your memory. All is lost and gone forever. Maybe they will ask you, generally they forget. First time it happened, I nearly cried and then I got angry. Wringing-necks angry.

    Speaking of snakes. Once when I was kid, my parents took us camping and the place we'd go was quite wonderful. Limestone bluffs, a narrow stream. But once, as I was swimming, I suddenly saw a large snake swimming directly toward me. The water was up to my shoulders so there was much chance of out-running it. Fortunately- and surprisingly- I had the presence of mind to start splashing and the thing turned right around and went as fast as it could in the opposite direction. My parents always said, "Try to remember that, unless they are cornered, animals are generally more afraid of you than you are of them."
    It sounded good in theory but, given my fear of spiders and whatnot, I rather doubted that they even COULD be more frightened than me.

  8. Thankyou Jan xx

    Me: I'm not keen on seein any more of them! xx

    Nomad: Ah yes...the erasing of the's happened to me twice!

    Ooh I don't like the sound of the snake in the water..good presence of mind on your part to splash it..If I come across another pne in the garden maybe I should turn the hosepipe on it?

  9. My comments above...should read "Mel" not "Me"
    and apologies for other typos..some due to my keys sticking but others.. well I've no excuse!


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