Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Creepy Crawlies

With temperatures now up in the 30s lots of bugs are making an appearance.

I have ants in the kitchen and they are driving me mad.  I'm spraying everywhere and I have these little plastic disc type things that normally get rid of them but nothing seems to be working.  I hate spraying chemicals all over the place, so I'm wondering if any of you have any other ideas for getting rid of them?

Because we have mosquito frames on all the windows, we manage to keep most of them out, but of course the odd one always manages to find it's way in..just when you switch off the light to go to starts to buzz around your head. On goes the light but of course it's nowhere to be found!   Some of you may know about the Skin So Soft range of body lotions made by Avon?  Someone told me some years ago that it's a good mosquito repellent.  I've been using it and so far so bites yet.

Last night I spotted a salamander crawling around the ceiling.  They used to freak me out at one time until I discovered that they eat mosquitoes.  Now they are my best creepy crawlie friends!

We have  lot of flies in this village.  To be expected with the number of farm animals.   And a fair number of different types of spiders, some of which can give you a nasty bite if you're not careful.  I used to be terrified of spiders years ago, but I've just had to get used to them here, particularly when I'm on my own and there's no-one else to dispose of them.

The dogs have been picking up ticks during the past few days.  They are probably coming off the sheep that pass our gate several times a day.   Beki and Poppy are overdue for flea treatment.  I use Frontline during the summer months, and flea collars during the winter.  They never seem to get fleas so this system is obviously working.  But I hate ticks and they are difficult little buggers to remove.

So I set off to Milas this morning to find some Frontline.  Not an easy task as most of the vets in this area deal with farm animals and don't cater much for domestic pets.   I have paid hugely varying amounts for Frontline here from 25 lira (some years ago) up to as much as 50 lira, per treatment.  It's an expensive business when you have two dogs to treat.

I am absolutely delighted because I have found a new vet in Milas.  He's a young guy and speaks a little English...and he had Frontline!  Not only that, he also had some antibacterial/antifungal shampoo which I've been searching for.  He asked me all about the dogs...where did I get long had I had them...etc.
He asked if I had pet passports for them.  I did have a record of Beki's innoculations, which I only continued to have done for 3 or 4 years.   Poppy was 3 years old when we took her in over a year ago.  She had some jabs from a vet at the time, but not since.  He agreed that it probably wasn't necessary to have any more as both dogs mostly stay in the garden and don't mix with street dogs.  And there was I expecting him to try and sell me more jabs!

When it came to paying for the Frontline, he informed me that they were 40 lira each, and the shampoo was 15 lira...making a total of 95 lira.   However, he asked me to pay him just 45 lira in total.  He said that this was his present to me for having rescued my dogs.  How lovely was that!   I hope he sticks around because I will definitely use him in the future.

Both dogs need a haircut.   Mr A had intended to do this last night but he arrived home too late and was exhausted.  So on my return from Milas I made an attempt at trimming Beki.   Oh I wish I hadn't started.  I have cut loads of hair but it seems to have made no difference at all.  Except that my arthritic fingers are swollen and I've done my back in whilst trying to hold her.  I managed to shower her as well, so at least she smells good!   I'll leave Poppy to Mr A I think...and he'll probably have to tidy up Beki as my handiwork leaves a lot to be desired.

That's all for today!


  1. So pleased to hear about the great new vet, Ayak. He sounds a gem.

    Not many insects around in the UK as yet, probably because it's turned so cool again. I don't like spiders either, but have learned to tolerate them because they're so useful. Mozzies, arggh! I can't hear them because of my tinnitus, so they can bite me to their heart's desire. Thanks for the tip about Skin So Soft.

  2. Aww that vet sounds a good one xx

  3. Glad to hear that there is a good Veterinarian when you need one. I also rescue dogs when I get them.

    I know what you mean about the bugs.....I live in Toronto Canada but visit my Turkish husband's family in Izmir, sometimes in the building apartment that my Mother in Law lives I've seen all kinds of weird ugly bugs. The place is very, very clean but I guess it's toooooo hot there. But I've lived in Manhattan and no matter where you are them cockroaches come out.

    So I bring my own bug husband laughs but it gets rid of some.

  4. Perpetua...the SSS really seems to work...don't know why...also good for midges

    Bomb: He was...and so helpful.

    Erica: A warm welcome to my blog. Nice to have you here. I dont blame you for bringing your own bug sprays! Yuk...I hate cockroaches..disgusting creatures!

  5. yeah that vet sounds like a real gem ...

  6. He was so nice Claudia..and genuinely interested in my dogs..or any dogs...makes a change!

  7. I get my tick/flea treatment from the USA. It's the equivalent of frontline and I buy it on Ebay, costs $20 including shipping for six months supply for two dogs and a cat. Saves a fortune. I also get flea collars shipped from the UK for £2.95 for 2.

    We're lucky here, we don't get mossies and we don't need screens (thank god!). I have a blue bug zapper in the kitchen and ceiling fans to keep the air moving and that stops the flies coming in and doing the holding pattern thing in the middle of the room. Hate fly spray but use it sometimes. My kitchen gekkos take care of any leftovers and I normally get one big spider a year on average. Those Japanese hornets are around though, hideous things, took a severe battering with a broom to dispatch one the other day.

    K xxxx

  8. Sounds like a great vet! Good luck with the rest of the bugs... for a second I was worried you'd mention the dreaded C word. Cockroaches! Ugh! We had some appear in our Istanbul apartment in the last month or so that we lived there. Ew ew ew ew ew!

  9. Looks like the city gov of Izmir has just given up on mosquito control this year. I got into the elevator of my apartment and there was even a flock of them in there! You know life is bad when you can't use your computer for any length of time because you keep feeling mosquitoes sucking away your life blood. (It's my personal measure of desperate times.)
    For the creepy crawlies, I've heard that a boric acid is very effective as long as you don't allow it to contaminate food supplies. (It is apparently less poisonous than your average spray) It comes in a powder and cockroaches and ants will flee after they initially encounter it. Good luck.

  10. I was always bitten very badly by Mozzies in France and Scotland also here at home in yorkshire i needed antibiotic treatment, but then i discovered Brewers yeast ( vitamin B ) i get it from holland and Barrett but im sure you could get it on,t tinternet,i take 2 every day from about March through the summer and touch wood have not had a problem since, hope that helps xx

  11. Karen: I wouldn't mind details from you re the frontline equivalent and flea collars. I'll catch up with you on FB.

    Deniz: I loathe cockroaches...fortunately we don't appear to have least I haven't seen any.

    Nomad: Oh I do sympathise..I can't imagine what it must be like to be absolutely plagued with you seem to be.
    I'll give boric acid a try for the ants.

    Maz: Thanks for the advice re Brewers Yeast..I may try it if I can get hold of some.

  12. Our old Aunt in Australia swears by talc to keep the ants at bay.

  13. Kelloggsville: Thanks..another useful tip xx


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