Thursday, 2 June 2011

Gone but not forgotten!

The outlaws left this morning....normal life resumes.

Mr A spent his first evening home on Tuesday in the company of his parents, and as mentioned in my previous post I left them to it.

Yesterday morning he and I had planned to go into Milas to do some food shopping, but before doing so, FIL needed Mr A to go down to the land with them to help plant a tree.  They set off at 8.00am and Mr A said he would be about half an hour.  Turkish time equals..double what was I expected him back within an hour.  Two hours passed and I phoned and Mr A said he was helping his father work on the land.  I didn't get angry...there's little point, because I knew this would happen.  Mr A is so anxious to receive approval from his father that he'll do anything to achieve it.  It was too hot to go into Milas on the bus so I just popped down to the village shop for milk and bread, assuming that Mr A would be back some time mid-afternoon so that we could go shopping.

No such luck....they all arrived home at around 7.00pm.   Mr A had of course had breakfast and lunch with his parents down on the land.   On their way home Mr A  bought a large chicken from the village shop which he intended to cut up and barbeque.  Unfortunately it was frozen solid and he then proceeded to try to defrost it in the microwave...on FULL power!   I suggested he run it under the cold tap and then cut it up and continue to defrost in the microwave on the correct setting.   But he's impatient and the chicken portions were placed on the barbeque still partly frozen.   He asked me if I would be eating with them.   "No chance" I replied "you can all risk salmonella but I'll give it a miss!"

So another evening was spent with me on my  laptop indoors, whilst the three of them were out in the garden being attacked by mosquitoes, and taking a chance on developing food poisoning.

I was beginning to wonder if Mr A and I would ever get some time together, but fortunately the outlaws packed up and left early this morning.

A very odd thing happened before they left.  MIL came into the kitchen and hugged me and told me she loved me and that life is difficult for women and they have to put up with so much.  She shed a few tears, and I'm afraid I did too.  I know she does some strange things, but I think she is completely dominated by FIL, and maybe she envied the way I was standing up for myself?  Who knows?  But I enjoyed the gesture....and I gave her the seeds that she had coveted the day before....big softie that I am!

So at last Mr A and I had some time to ourselves.  He went off to Bodrum this afternoon to look for work and has one job possibility which he should find out about this evening.

I feel utterly calm and content this evening...hope it lasts!


  1. Aww, you are a softie, youm ade me smile :-) But I'm glad she was nice to you and it was fun hearing about you asserting yourself! Hope you guys get some proper time together soon!

  2. Yep, you're a big softie :-) You gave her the seeds after all, but on your terms as a gift, not in response to her asking or expecting it and that's an important distinction.

    Now dashing downstairs to get the frozen chicken out to defrost before DD and her husband arrive tomorrow for the weekend.....

  3. Wow! I'd forgive Mil for everything now, how difficult it must be for her to say "I love you" to someone from another country who lives with HER son! she must have really meant it! and I'm glad you gave her the seeds. Maybe a friend going out from the UK could bring you some more?

  4. I'm glad they're gone. And good for you for sticking up for yourself. I think your MIL admires you, perhaps even envies your tenacity. Good on ya! More good vibes coming your way...

  5. Hi Ayak, I've got so behind and out of touch with everyones blogs :-( but you certainly sound as if you've come out on top. Maybe you've got a friend for life in MIL now?

  6. Wonderful what happened with MIL! Hope she'll be on your side forever now!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  7. opps the first comment vanished into thin air! Here goes again: I think you're a saint, Linda!

  8. Just enjoying the photograph of Jimi on your last post...
    Well, good for you coping with the outlaws and I'm sure you're right, MIL is just under the thumb.
    Perhaps she could take a tip from your polite assertiveness.....

  9. I am sure MIL will have had a lot to put up with in her life, actually feel sorry for her.


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