Sunday, 12 June 2011

Mr A's adventures continue

Mr A has been working over in Bodrum for a week now, selling the hamam experience to tourists staying in a group of hotels.  He dashes back and forth from one to another on his motorbike.

Because he's working on a commission-only basis he's really having to put in the hours to earn money, starting around 7.30 in the morning and often not finishing until after midnight.  He has been coming home on his bike every two days, but sometimes he is just so exhausted that he stays in Bodrum and  grabs a few hours sleep in one of the hamams.

He knows I don't like being here on my own so he does make a huge effort to get home as much as possible, but I worry that I've been selfish in  putting a bit too much pressure on him to do this.  So I've told him to just come home when he feels like it. 

I awoke yesterday morning with a nasty flu bug, which continues to get worse.  My whole body aches, my neck is stiff, swollen glands, sore throat, earache and blocked nose.   It's particularly uncomfortable in this heat. I needed food shopping but was in no fit state to venture into Milas on the bus.

I was happy to make do with what I have, but Mr A insisted that he would come home last night with provisions.  Unfortunately, the motorbike has broken down (again...sigh) and will take a couple of days to fix.  So he borrowed his boss's car, drove home with bags of shopping, including treats like icecream and chocolate, but as he had to return the car promptly, couldn't even stop for a coffee.

I'm aware that I moan a lot about Mr A, particularly when he's away, but I realised last night that I really ought to be more grateful.   He's kind and thoughtful when it really matters...and I should consider myself lucky to have him.


  1. Loved the little bouncing graphic!

    Hope you soon feel really well again.
    I think that Mr A's heart is in the right place.
    Hope that he gets his bike fixed very soon and that you can be together more often.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  2. So sorry you're poorly, Ayak, and hope you feel better very soon.

    Given the hours Mr A has to work in the new job and the dreadful pressure of being on commission only, I think he really is kind and thoughtful when it's important. Fingers crossed for the poorly bike too....

  3. Maggie: Thankyou xx The graphics can be found here by the way:

    Thankyou Perpetua xx

  4. awww rest up. I think we often maon about our husbands but they usually aren't so bad. Hope you improve quickly. x

  5. Aww, I love the fact that he included ice cream and chocolate - and probably had to drive fast to make sure it didn't all melt!

  6. Hope the icecream and chocolate makes you feel better soon. Nothing like a bit of TLC x

  7. Here's hoping you feel better quickly. I hate being sick in the summer. There oughta be a law!
    Give Mr. A a big hug..he deserves it and it's nice to know he is there for you!

  8. OMG.I actually got to make a comment! I was surprised when it went through. I've tried a few times before this and was always rejected by would never let me sign in to actually post the comment. I've had this happen before so I know to keep trying. Since that last comment posted..I'll now say..........
    I'm so glad you are back to posting. Keep it up. I miss ya when you are gone. Get well and tell Mr. A the blogging community wishes him the very best also! (It's the chocholate and ice cream that has really made his so endearing to some of us..lolol..kind..considerate) and I'm happy to know you have each other!

  9. Kelloggsville: Thanks...yes I moan too much and vow to stop!

    Deniz: Yes it was particularly good to have icecream for my sore throat.

    Charlotte: Yes a big hug is what he got...well deserved.

    Glad you are able to comment again..lots of people have been experiencing this problem recently.
    And thankyou very much for your kind words xx


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