Thursday, 16 June 2011


I've been back from England for 4 weeks now, and no-one has been to empty our rubbish bin.   In fact I'm pretty sure it wasn't emptied for the best part of the month that I was away.

It's over-flowing as you can imagine, and in this heat extremely smelly.  The bins in the village are old oil drums, which the Muhtar (village chief) had painted blue with "property of the Muhtar" painted on in white letters.  They have no lids so are a welcome invitation to all the stray cats and dogs in the village.  No-one else seems to be bothered by cats jumping in and pulling out all the rubbish and scattering it everywhere....or dogs jumping up and tipping the bin over.

I found half of an old heavy wooden door which I place on top of the bin, held down with a large at least I can't smell it until I remove the "lid".

Mr A has made numerous calls to the Muhtar over the past couple of weeks and is always informed that the rubbish will be collected as soon as long is that?  How long is a piece of string?   The problem is that a tractor and trailer regularly collects rubbish from the rest of the village but for some reason they conveniently "forget" to drive up as far as our house.  It may well be time for me to start taking bags of rubbish down to the village and depositing them in the Muhtar's office....maybe that will get a reaction?

Mr A continues his job over in Bodrum.   The hours are really unsociable.   Because he has to catch new intakes of tourists, before they are sold over-priced hamam trips by their tour operators at their welcome meeting, he needs to be around when they arrive.  This means working at crazy times like 3am or 5am.  He then tries to snatch some sleep in between.   It's not leaving him a lot of time to get home.  He popped over on Tuesday evening around 10.30pm but then left here at just after midnight, to get back in time for a new lot of arrivals.  If you are working solely on commission, as he and thousands of others are, you have to be available more or less 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The season is short so they have to make the most of it.  No wonder men who work in tourism spend most of the winter months sleeping!

In the meantime, I am recovering slowly from my flu bug, although I have been left with an irritating cough...but with the help of some very strong medicine, that should be gone pretty soon.

Yesterday we had  storms, powercuts on and off all day, the water was off for 8 hours, and my laptop is still playing up.  Other than that.. everything's just fine! I know it...goes on.


  1. I think that's a great idea. If you can, take the rubbish down to the muhtar's office and leave it there. Tell him that if he doesn't start collecting your trash, you'll be forced to bring it to his office every month. That ought to do it. And you'll feel great having show him who's boss!

  2. If you could get the rubbish down the lane without putting yourself at risk, that might be a very good idea.
    You sometimes have to take the law into your own hands.
    Too bad about the power cuts and storms. There is always something to throw the spanner into the works though and spoil things.
    Glad you got over the fluey thing though.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  3. I'm trying to catch up with blogs now that my son's gone back to the UK, and you're first on my list! Sorry to hear about your bug, no doubt brought back from England, but it sounds as though you're getting over it. Your bin situation sounds bad too. Surely they ought to be able to get some lidded bins! Jan (of Mainly Daily blog as was)

  4. Hope it gets sorted soon ... all the rubbish I mean .... and am glad your bug is slowly going hugs xx

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  6. Barbara: I'm afraid I chickened out, remembering that the teahouse is right opposite the Muhtar's office, and I haven't the courage after all to do it with all the men watching!

    Maggie: It's been one of those weeks! But the flu is on its way outat last!

    Hi Jan: Well lidded bins would be just perfect of course, but it took us over a year to get the old oil drum from the Muhtar so I don't hold out muc hope!

    Bomb: Rubbish still not sorted as I write...not surprisingly...bug on it's way out though xxx

    Jackie: Welcome to my blog and thankyou for your kind comment. I've had a look a your site, and I don't really think my blog would be suitable, but thank for asking x

  7. You make it all sound like a story! Rubbish and all, now that summer's fully here I'm very jealous that you're in Turkey. It's been six years since I was there in the summer!

  8. Ack! It's never easy - poor you. hang in there. The rubbish situation sounds really frustrating.

  9. Deniz: Well it won't be too long now before you experience it firsthand!

    'Cross the Pond: It is frustrating and still hasn't been collected!


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