Sunday, 10 July 2011

The 7 Links Project

I've been asked by Karen at Being Koy to take part in  the Seven Links Project which was started by Katie at Trip Base.

To quote Katie "The idea is simple: bloggers publish 7 links from their blog to share lessons learned and create a bank of long but not forgotten blog posts that deserve to see the light of day again"

Karen reckons I'm "someone who reflects more than most so it should be a doddle"...we'll see!


1. The Blogger is nominated to take part by another blogger

2. He/she publishes their 7 links on their own blog. One Link for each category

3. They nominate up to five more bloggers to take part

My most beautiful post
My Beautiful Daughter   I can't really write beautiful posts.  I don't have a beautiful way with words, unlike many other bloggers out there.  It's the subject of this post that is beautiful, and the feelings of love I experienced when writing these few words, that make it beautiful for me.

My most popular post
Marriage in Turkey    I don't think about how popular my posts are.  Do you judge popularity by the number of views or comments?  I don't really know, and I've waded through my statistics in the hope that I would find the answer.  This is one of several posts that I've done about differences in culture...and I think readers are always curious about such things (I certainly am) and maybe this is why this type of post is popular.

My most controversial post
An eye for an eye   I think this may be my most controversial post.  It was how I felt about the death of Osama Bin Laden.  It was an emotive subject, which clearly dredged up strong feelings with a lot of people.

My most helpful post
Depression (2)    I have written a fair bit about Depression.  It's a subject close to my heart, and one which I feel should be talked about much more.  Sometimes we don't recognise the signs, and I did this post because maybe someone out there will see my "checklist"..identify with it...and seek the help they need.

A post whose success surprises me
When the cupboard is bare.   This is one of many posts I've produced about how to make meals from basics.  Those times when money is scarce..or non-existent...the cupboard is bare, but you can still rustle up something to eat.  This is based on my extensive personal experience of course!  So this..and my other cheap and cheerful recipe posts seem to be successful and this did surprise me!

A post I feel didn't get the attention it deserved
Try as I might...I just cannot find a post to fit this category.  Why?  Because I write my blog first and foremost for me.  The fact that I get attention at all, is always a pleasant surprise, and will continue to be so as long as I can keep this blog going!

The post I am most proud of
Depression (1)  Well this post goes hand in hand with My most helpful post above.   Having worked for many years in the mental health field, and having also been a victim of Depression for most of my adult life, I am someone who believes strongly that Mental Health should not be brushed under the carpet.   We all need to be more open about it and this is what I try to do from time to time on my blog.   The reason this is the post I am most proud of, is simply because it took a while for me to pluck up the courage to be honest about my experiences and how I feel at times and to share them so publicly.

 I actually found this task quite difficult to do.  And now I have to nominate 5 more bloggers to undertake the project.   So here is my choice.....Good Luck!

Fly in the Web at Costa Rica Calling

Nomadic View

Claudia at A Seasonal Cook in Turkey




  1. Crumbs and cripes, Ayak! Bang goes a quiet Sunday while I ponder the puzzle!

    But thank you for thinking of me, anyway...

  2. Super post, Ayak. I loved being pointed to posts from before I found your blog.

    Bother you though for getting in first and choosing Fly as one of your nominees :-) Having been nominated myself, she was at the top of my list but though she does have 2 blogs, I doubt she'll want to do this for both of them. Back to the drawing-board....

  3. Hi Ayak! How very nice of you to nominate me! I was in a panic as for a good half hour, I couldn't comment on your blog! But I thought just relax, it'll be OK in a little while and lo and behold, here I am! I will post a little later :)).

  4. Fly: Hmm...I think your reaction was pretty much the same as mine when I was nominated. Others make it look so easy..I found it difficult..not least because I got all my bloody links mixed up and had to edit half a dozen times!

    Perpetua: Sorry about that...the early bird catches the worm! You would have been on my list too if Karen hadn't got to you first!

    Claudia: You're welcome. I always wonder if people will actually appreciate being nominated, particularly when they see how much work is involved!
    Oh this Blogger comments problem is also still driving me mad. I wish they'd hurry up and sort it out!

  5. Thanks for doing them, I know it seems tiresome but you bring up posts people may have missed. I hadn't read the marriage in Turkey post and it was brilliant. Love the hysteria bit and where they tried to check if you were pregnant. Whole thing is cok romatik - not!

  6. Karen: I just got myself in a huge muddle with the links which made it more difficult..but even when I find smething difficult I'm always glad when I've done it!
    Ah yes the marriage post...I think you have to be pretty determined/in love/stupid to put yourself through all that to marry a Turk!

  7. Gisela Hallberg11 July 2011 at 11:58

    Hallo again Ayak! I left a comment a couple of days ago. This one is not a comment on your current blog post, but of your entire blog. Since my last comment I´ve been reading your fascinating blog from the beginning... It´s like reading a book. I´ve always been fascinated by books where people tell the true story of their lives, especially if it takes place in a different culture. I told you we have an apartment in Alanya and we´ve experienced some things, good and bad, and some of your posts about turkish mentality feels like a confirmation to me. For example when you wrote about the helpfulness: the restaurant owner offering you shadow and a glass of water when you were waiting for the bus. (I think it was july or august 2010, that´s how far I´ve come. :) )I thought about the time me and my family - 5 people! - got caught by very bad weather, the rain pouring down, and a salesman invited us into his shop. He sold carpets and he wanted us to sit on them to be comfortable- 5 wet people (our children are in their late teens so we do fill up the room).
    So once more I just want to say thanks for sharing and beacuse of you I am seriously thinking of starting a blog of my own.
    And another question: I know nothing about blogging.How does it work? I often feel like commenting on older posts as I read along. Do you get a mail that you have a comment on, say, may 2010?
    Have a nice day - and yes, I really think you should put your blog posts together and make a book of it!! Gisela

  8. Hi Gisela. Thankyou for your lovely comments and for taking the time to read my blog. I do recall your other comment and I did respond..although I can't remember which post it was on offhand. Have you actually added yourself to my list of Followers? I'm not technical at all but starting a blog is quite straightforward...if I can do it...anyone can. Just search Blogger and get going. I think you have to open a google account if you don't already have one.

    Rather than me trying to tell you what to do I would suggest you follow the's time consuming to start with but easy to understand. If you come across any blips during the process, then pop back and ask me and I'll help if I can. Once you're set up you will be able to use a setting which sends you emails everytime someone comments on a blog post. When you comment on another blog you need to click on the box which asks you if you want to be emailed follow-up comments. You will also have a Dashboard where you can see an up-to-date list of posts on blogs that you have subscribed to.

    If this sounds isn't and I don't want to confuse you at this point by writing anything else.

    Do start a blog..I am sure you won't regret it and will enjoy it. Once you're up and running...let me know and I'll add myself to your Followers to get you going!

    Good luck xx

  9. I remember those posts you have linked and I do feel that you write extremely good ones and I for one, keep coming back for more!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  10. Oh that was a lovely thing to say Maggie...thankyou xxx

  11. Gisela Hallberg12 July 2011 at 09:55

    Thanks for your kind advice on blogging. I´ve started by signing up as your follower. When (if :)) I start a blog I´ll let you know. (It´s that time consuming part that holds me back.)/Gisela

  12. Enjoyed reading your selection, Ayak. The Depression ones struck a chord with me. I'm caught at times in a web of depression but it's further complicated by symptoms of perimenopause and a thyroid problem - both of which can have similar presenting symptoms. I find writing quite therapeutic whatever the cause ...I think you are right that it's important not to ignore mental health issues. Ax

  13. Gisela: It really isn't too time consuming for most people setting up your blog...I think I'm just a bit slow wih anything slightly technical and it doesn't help that I have a Turkish laptop!

    I'm looking forward to you starting your're thinking about it so you're halfway there.


    Annie: I'm glad you liked those posts, and like you, writing for me is very therapeutic. particularly if I'm feeling a bit low..getting it all off my chest helps an awful lot xxx


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