Sunday, 3 July 2011

Disturbances and lack of sleep

I was very tired on Friday evening and was hoping for an early night.  It's impossible in these temperatures to sleep without the bedroom window open, so I am quite used to village noises at night...dogs barking, cows, chickens, sheep, etc.  These sounds don't bother me at all...I also hardly notice the call from the mosque these days.  I think most of us get used to the sounds within our own environment.  I remember once in England, living fairly close to a railway line.  At first the noise of the trains kept me awake, but after a while you just get used to it.

My neighbour, Şevke, had family visiting.  They were pretty noisy until around 10.30pm, but then they left and I settled down to go to sleep.   About 10 minutes later I heard shouting from the hill behind our house...just one man's voice, and he sounded drunk.  The street light closest to our house which illuminates our garden has been out of order for months...(another ongoing battle with the Muhtar to get things fixed) so it was impossible to see who was making all this noise...not that I particularly wanted to go outside and investigate.  I sent the dogs out into the garden...they barked at the man and he stopped shouting.  Five minutes later he started again....and this carried on for a further half an hour or so.

Mr A phoned during this time to say goodnight and he could actually hear the man even though I was on the phone in the bedroom.  Although I didn't feel unduly dogs always make me feel safe...Mr A said that he would come home.  It was late and he was very tired so I was concerned about him making the journey back on the motorbike.  So he decided to ring the Jandarma and the Muhtar to report the man.

A little later two Jandarma officers and the Muhtar arrived at my gate,by which time the man had disappeared, but they reassured me that they would search the area and find out who it was.   In spite of my protests, Mr A did in fact come home.  On his way he saw the Jandarma with the Muhtar and they had found the man concerned.   It was rather sad really.  He used to live in a house behind's no longer there.  All that remains are the foundations and a few bricks.  His parents spent their lives in that house.  They died in that house.  Sometimes the man gets drunk and he goes up to the ruins of the house and sits there with his memories.  He apologised to Mr A and asked him to ask my forgiveness...not necessary of harm done.  He says he won't do it again, but I'm not concerned if he does.  At least I know the reason and I wouldn't be alarmed in the future.

So not much sleep on Friday.   Last night there was a wedding in the village...these are very noisy no sleep last night either.  Maybe tonight will be third time lucky!

At 7.30 this morning a tractor and trailer arrived to collect the rubbish...I literally jumped for joy....hmmm I really need to get out more!


  1. I must say....... that I share your joy about the removal of the rubbish!
    I am also pleased that if you get further problems from this man you will know that he means no harm and can accept his sadness with good grace.

    I am not sleeping too well myself these days and it is no picnic, is it?
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  2. Oh it's certainly not Maggie! Do you nap during the day? I try to but it's just so hot so it's not always possible. We have aircon in the sitting room but I never use it...I hate it because it's so unnatural.

  3. If you have many more disturbed nights, it might be a good idea to violate your principles and sleep in the living room with the aircon on. A couple of good nights would make all the difference.

    Poor drunken man, that's a sad situation. Rubbish clearing is, however, a cause for jubilation. Hurray!

  4. Sad bout the man ... poor thing least you know now who it is. I agree with you bout most noises tho .. I live very close to a main road and I dont get phased by the ambulances fire engines and police cars zooming along any more, I sort of notice more when there is no noise hahahaha. Glad bout your rubbish xx

  5. Poor man, which you can feel when you know the background...but when you don't know what it's all about it's disturbing, isn't it?
    Still, between Mr. A and the Jandarma the rubbish got moved too!I bet he took the chance to 'have a word' with the Muhtar in their presence!

  6. Perpetua: Yes I might have to give in to the aircon. Am delighted the rubbish is gone!

    Bomb: I think we adapt to most noises..silence can also be a bit disturbing!

    Fly: I think the problem with the man actually encouraged the Muhtar to get the rubbish moved today. According to Mr A, the Muhtar seems keen to keep me, the only foreigner for miles around, happy here. I have a feeling he thinks I might encourage more foreigners to move here and buy up all the old houses...there's always an ulterior motive. However I might just take advantage of his current good nature and willingness to please me!

  7. Ahh.....sorry you had to go through all this trouble abd not get any sleep..... with that poor soul getting drunk and visiting his cildhood home.
    My in laws live in Izmir and it is noisey all night. I lived in NYC and it is the same...these people just don't sleep.
    The first night I spent in Turkey my husband Dogan didn't tell me about the Call of the I shot out of bed and thought ...who turned the radio on so loud so EARLY...but after a while I got use to it and I quite enjoy it. I love the echo in the city with hundreds of them all at the same time almost.
    Hope you can get some rest soon....Love your Blog. :-)))

  8. Hi again Erica. Yes the mosque is quite a surprise when you first experience it at dawn...after a while you just don't notice it. I agree with you about the sound of lots of them throughout a large town and city. it's almost magical.
    I'm glad you like my blog..pop in anytime! xx

  9. I turn my back Ayak... and you've written another few posts! Good news on the rubbish though :-)

  10. Yay for rubbish removal!
    But, awww, what a sad story about the man. I almost feel like writing a short story out of it...

  11. Jan: Haha I go for days with nothing to write about and then it all happens at once!

    Deniz: Well I'm pleased I've given you a topic for story...go ahead! xx

  12. HOORAY! The garbage is finally being removed. I'm a "neat" freak and "odors" bother me....sensitive I'm happy that's done!
    I'm posting this using IE..lets see if it works a two times in a row!

  13. Woot, woot- let's hear it for the rubbish collection ! x

  14. Charlotte Ann: All these blogger problems are so irritating. I'm using IE for this comment and think it wll be ok...then I'll try someone else's blog to see if it will work..otherwise its back to Firefox.

    Kelloggsville: still jumping for joy xx


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