Thursday, 7 July 2011

Here come the power cuts

I thought I'd better do a blog post this evening, as the Muhtar announced from the mosque this afternoon that the power will go off at 8.00am tomorrow and will be off until 6.00pm.  There is a new electrical system being installed in the village...there's been talk about it for months of the excuses we were given for not repairing the street light outside our house.

So now it's all happening.  This will be the first of many daily cuts until the work is completed.  It baffles me why this work can't be done during the winter months, rather than when temperatures are now up in the high 30s.   Fridges get warm and food is wasted.  Aircon can't be used.  And worst of internet connection.  It's Turkish logic.  The same logic that's applied when main roads are also re-surfaced at this time of year...there's nothing much worse than hot sticky tar!

Yesterday I picked plums from the one plum tree in our garden.  They're not ripe yet, but last year most of them were destroyed by insects, and in spite of treating them with insectide regularly this year, I noticed a few days ago that they'd been attacked again.  So I decided to pick them as they are.

I made some jam...not easy when the plums are too hard to de-stone before cooking and very messy having to remove them afterwards.  I also made a plum crumble and some shortbread

Today was my birthday and I wasn't really expecting Mr A to be here.  It's very busy at the hotel, and when he does manage to get home it's very late at night.  So I was pleasantly surprised when he turned up mid-afternoon with a bottle of wine and a delicious double-chocolate cake topped with chocolate almonds

We ate far too much cake.  We also ate shortbread.  We even ate bowls of plum crumble with icecream.  No sensible food at all.  Thank goodness birthdays are only once a year!


  1. Happy birthday, Ayak, and so glad Mr a could come home for it. Your chocolate cake and other goodies look scrumptious, but sorry the insects have attacked your plums as they have our plums and cherries this year in Normandy.

  2. PS Forgot to commiserate about the power cuts. How can you tell it's men who make such silly decisions? They don't have to deal with the domestic consequences..... Grrr!

  3. Thankyou Isla xxx

    Perpetua: Oh..your plums and cherries too? It's such a waste isn't it?
    Ah yes...of course its men who make these common sense!

  4. Happy DESERVE the very best!

  5. Happy birthday and lovely you were together to celebrate.

    At least they kept the power cuts for the following day....

  6. Charlotte Ann: Thankyou very much xx

    Fly: Thankyou..yep good timing xx

  7. I'm sure your birthday was doubly good with both the choc cake and Mr A. Many happy returns xxx

  8. Happy birthday. Nice surprise from Mr. A. Not all men forget!!

  9. Gisela Hallberg8 July 2011 at 12:33

    Hallo! I just found your blog. I came home to Sweden from Turkey just a couple of days ago. We have an apartment in Alanya. I was searching for "living in Turkey" and found your charming blog! I haven´t read it all, of course, but I find your story very interesting, how every-day-life in Turkey can be. I have no plans moving there, but hope to be able to be there for longer periods. We´ve met such a nice, turkish family, but communication is hard since they can´t speak anything but Turkish, so now I´m trying to learn. How is your turkish? How did you learn? Have you taken any classes?
    Your grandchildren are very cute! And: happy birthday. Thanks for sharing your life on the web!/Best regards, Gisela Hallberg, Sweden (and Alanya)

  10. Yummy looking cake Happy Birthday. We have a generator now after 5 days of cuts, apparently you can plug it in to the outside socket and all the electrical stuff will work????

    Once on holiday on a tarry beach we weren't allowed in the house until all the soles of our feet had been sprayed with fly spray to get rid of the tar. Worked like magic.

  11. auntiegwen: It was...thankyou xx

    Jack: No they don't! Thankyou xx

    Gisela: Hi and a warm welcome to my blog. I have to admit that my Turkish leaves an awful lot to be desired. It's sufficient to get by but really not good enough for lengthy conversations. What I have learned has been picked up as I go along by mixing with the Turks and listening and attempting to communicate. You will already have discovered that they are really nice people and appreciate your attempts at the language.But also do what I didn't...and look for some classes too!
    Thankyou for your nice comments about my grandsons and for your birthday wishes..Enjoy your times in Turkey xx

    Rosie: We've talked about getting a generator but not done anything about it. We have a long list of priorities and it's way down on the list!
    Ooh fly spray removes tar? That's an interesting tip! Thankyou xx

  12. Cake looks yummy Ayak am glad Mr A was able to come home to celebrate your birthday. Hope you have a good day without electricity poor you xx

  13. Hi Bomb: Well the power didn't go off after all so am wondering whether it's the wrong day or the workmen didn't turn up. However internet playing up all day so another problem. Have been trying to call you but guess you must be out

  14. Happy Birthday! (better late than never). Who could wish for a better birthday than one with wine, chocolate cake and The Man. And the rubbish out of the way in time for your birthday! Wonders.
    Don't put the candles back in the drawer, I am always suspicous when they actually warn you that you are supposed to be getting cut off.
    I actally find the water outages most annoying though because you usually only realise when you flush the loo and realise the cistern won't be filling up again for some time.
    But have a good day and keep blogging, I love it!

  15. Hi Sinasos...and a warm welcome.Thankyou for your birthday wishes. I agree with you..the actual warnings of cuts always leave me feeling suspicious. And yes don't you just hate it when you flush then realise it may be the last one for some time!

  16. Hope you had a very happy Birthday yesterday.
    How lovely of Mr Ayak to bring the cake and wine.

    Too bad about the power cuts. Hope the new system can get fixed in the very near future without too much ado..
    Things are getting done albeit very slowly. I agree that is a very silly time of the year for power cuts.
    Hope you get through it OK.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  17. Yummy looking cake! And all your plum goodies look good too. Gosh, it's been ages since I baked something - it's about time!
    Glad you had a lovely birthday night :-)

  18. happy Birthday! sorry its a bit late!
    The Shortbread looks yummy!

  19. Maggie: Thanks...and still waiting for the cuts!

    Deniz: Get baking girl! Thanks it was a lovely day.

    Hi maz: Thanks..better late than never. The shortbread was very nice xx

  20. Happy belated Birthday!!! I'm glad your husband was able to be with you....and yummy cake. :-)))


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