Saturday, 9 July 2011

Local "Expert"

Well the scheduled powercut due at 8am yesterday to run till 6pm, didn't happen.  No-one knows why, and as usual no-one really cares or bothers to find out.  I enquired of my neighbours yesterday afternoon if they knew what was happening and got the usual shrugs of shoulders.  The people in this village are so laid-back...they are happy to just go with the flow.   Maybe it will happen today?  Who knows?  It's going to happen some time and I am prepared for hours without the internet.  I have a list of jobs to do which don't require electricity and I have a pile of books to read.

Late yesterday afternoon two men turned up at the house.  As usual I was in the bedroom on the laptop, keeping as cool as possible, with the dogs sprawled out on the floor doing likewise.

They barked and headed towards the door.  I held on to Beki's collar and opened the door.  I then proceeded to open the mosquito screen door (outwards)...still holding Beki, to talk to the men.  As soon as one of them saw Beki he pushed the screen door shut..trapping my finger in it!  Boy was I angry...and boy did it hurt!   I lost my temper and shouted.  I asked them what they wanted and they said they wanted to see Mr A.  I replied that he wasn't here.   Just as I was talking (or rather shouting) at them my mobile phone rang.  It was Mr A.  I explained what was happening and proceeded back to the door with the phone so he could talk to them.

As I opened the screen door ...the blasted man did the same thing again...pushed the door shut and fortunately this time I removed my hand just in time.  However I let go of Beki's collar and she ran out.  She sniffed at the men and the one who had pushed the door raised his hand and was about to hit her.  I responded by shouting even louder "Don't you dare touch my dog!"   The other guy said he was sorry but his friend was afraid of dogs.  I replied "I don't care.  You hit my dog, or shut my finger in my door again and you'll be sorry!"

Naturally Mr A could hear all this on the phone and I spoke to him briefly about what had happened and then passed the phone to one of the men and left them outside to talk. He passed the phone back to me and Mr A said they wanted to see him about some paperwork to do with his  motorbike, so he had given them his phone number and the address of the hotel where he is working in Bodrum.  He also said that the man had apologised to him about shutting my finger in the door but he had done this because he was scared of the dog.  Rather a shame that he couldn't actually apologise to me!   He proceeded to ask me for directions to Mr A's hotel and I said I hadn't a clue.  He continued to talk but by this time I had run out of patience and just told them to go away (I actually used stronger language)...they got the message and left.

I'm left feeling a bit embarrassed and slightly ashamed at my outburst.  I wouldn't normally behave like this but I guess they just caught me at a bad time.  The finger was swollen for a few hours, but with the help of some ice and ibubrofen gel, it's back to normal size, but a bit tender.

I'm very honoured to have been asked recently by three people to do guest posts on their blogs.  Two fellow bloggers Deniz Bevan, and Jack Scott from PerkingthePansies, will be publishing guest posts on their blogs whilst they are away so my contributions will appear towards the end of August.  I'll let you know when this happens.

The third request was from a blog run by Easyjet.   Ooh I thought, how wonderful, maybe I'll get free flights!  I submitted a post yesterday. They are happy with it and it will be published in the next few weeks.  No-one gets free flights..sadly...but I have been awarded a badge which you will see on my sidebar, which according to Easyjet makes me a "Local Expert".   I'm still chuckling at the thought...Local Expert?  Me?  Hmmm.... 

To be perfectly honest I'd rather have recognition than a freebie.  Of course it works for Easyjet too,  because it's free publicity, but it also means that more people get to read my I'm happy.

So this is your Local Expert signing off and wishing you a happy weekend!


  1. Congratulations on the guest blogging, particularly with easyjet.

    Badge looks good

  2. Yes I like the badge Jack. Do you think I should make a real one to wear? Walk around the village with it? I'm sure my neighbours would be highly amused lol

  3. Too bad there wasn't a freebie trip to vist your grandsons. Ah well, recognition leads to other things so congrats!!

  4. Congrats Ayak well done you, shame no freebies tho lol and sorry about the way the men behaved that came to your door. xx

  5. I wouldn't feel too bad at shouting at the two men....they weren't exactly user friendly, were they!

    Congratulations on the guest blogging....Local Expert!

  6. Congrats on the guest blogging and too bad no freebies. :-(

    For some reason those Turkish men are afraid of dogs. My husbands friends when they come over we had to lock them dogs up. One once slammed the door that a picture fell off the wall and he held a chair up like it was a tiger coming at him. The poor dog froze and just looked at him thinking....what is he doing???

    Hate those power cuts...but what can you do. :-(((

  7. 'Cross the Pond: Yes a pity but as you say it could lead to other things.

    Bomb: Shame no freebies but at least I might become famous (for 5 mins) lol!

    Fly: Certainly not user friendly..."local expert"...still chuckling :-))

    Erica: It actually makes me laugh when Turkish men behave in such a timid way when they come across does nothing for the macho image they like to project the rest of the time does it?

    The power cuts have now been postponed for 15 days...apparently!

  8. Not a very nice experience at the door, Ayak, and I hope your finger is better now.

    Congratulations on the guest blogging invitations and the EasyJet badge is very striking. Do we have to bow when we talk to you now? :-)

  9. Congratulations Local Expert!

    What is it with Turkish men and dogs? They've had stray dogs all over for hundreds of years and yet they're still frightened of them. When I worked there, none of the food, mail or other delivery guys would step into the office for fear of my boss' rescue dog and German Shepherd (Alsatian).

  10. Well of course you do Perpetua! Finger's much better now thanks xxx

    Deniz: Thanks! I don't get it either..the Turkish men's fear of dogs. Mr A has no fear of them at fact quite the opposite. He'd bring home every stray dog he encounters if I allowed him to!

  11. All happening in your stick of the woods Linda. Been quiet here but very hot. Looking forward to your Easy Jet post, will you let me know the type of response you get as I am going to submit one as well?

    Re the gentlemen apologising to your husband. That happens with me some times as well. Used to get annoyed but now just let it flow right by me!

  12. Hi Natalie: Yes of course will let you know re Easyjet post...shame we won't get any perks :-(

    Of course we wouldn't get a direct apology from a Turkish man would we? We are after all just mere women...and foreign ones at that

  13. are you kidding, are you really embarrased for how you behaved over how that guy behaved? he definetely deserves worse.

    it is not only the men, but also a lot of turkish women, too, have irrational fear against dogs. and it is just silly. i saw people who can't keep walking because there is a dog at least 10 meters away. i once saw a woman screaming "dog! dog!" in the middle of the street, and i thought she was fighting to her husband, but she was only stupidly afraid of a stray dog.

  14. jedilost: I just don't understand this irrational fear of dogs. Even the street dogs are mostly fairly timid and wouldn't hurt anyone.
    Maybe it's because a lot of Turks are cruel to animals and so they anticipate retaliation by dogs?

  15. i dont think these people can even get close to a dog let alone be cruel, lol.

    but on the other hand, there are indeed a lot of people who are cruel to dogs and also other animals. such people dont seem to be intelligent enough to grasp the fact that animals are also living creatues.

    we had our holiday in the city Kaş two summers ago. And in of the beaches, there were two geese appareantly being fed by one of the guys working there. there were a lot of people who were trying to swim and catch the geese, but thanks god the geese were too fast for us humans. and there were two kids who started to throw stones to the geese. they were not with their parents but with a bunch of young guys. nobody stopped the kids. so finally i shouted at them "you dont have a brain as much as those birds have."

    and my wife shouted: "if you throw one more stone to them, i will start throwing at you." thanks god the kids stopped or things could have become really ugly.

    so i guess some people are cruel to the animals because there is usulaly nobody around to tell them the opposite.

  16. jedilost: Well done you and your wife for reacting the way you did. If only more people would do the same. Children learn behaviour from their parents and other adults...they don't know any different unless someone teaches them. At the end of the day it's all about education. A pity they are not taught in school and at home to have respect for all living creatures.


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