Friday, 15 July 2011


It's just too hot to write..too hot to do I'll post up some photos.

Mr H at Subsistence Pattern asked for a pic of my grapes.  They are coming along nicely and should be ready soon:

And here's a photo of Jimi who is now almost 3 months old...and I thought I'd post one up of Billy at roughly the same age to compare. I think they look very different.  Billy resembles his father's side of the family, whereas Jimi is more like his mother's side.  Both absolutely gorgeous!

Jimi at 3 months

Billy at 3 months




  1. They are lovely lads. Definitely similar little serious faces!
    And look at those grapes!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  2. It has been raining here..and has cooler down a lot.though it won't last long. It is very humid right now and this won't last long. The temps will be on the rise as soon as this cloud cover moves on!

  3. Maggie: They do have very serious faces don't they?

    Charlotte Ann: The humidity here is really getting to me..can't wait for September.

    likeschocolate: Thankyou xx

  4. I love the way they are both eyeing the photographer...very much 'and just what do you think you're doing?'

  5. They are so cute, your grandchildren! It´s always so fantastic to see babies, how they have their own personality at once.
    And how nice to be able to pick your own grapes.
    Tough with the heat.. Where I live in Sweden it has been raining the last couple of days and will continue to do so. Yesterday it was 13 degrees in the morning. But since we´ve already been to Turkey this summer, and I have got my share of the sun, I think it´s quite refreshing. Leaves you the energy to deal with other things. But I feel sorry for those who long for sunny and warm weather, we don´t get very much of it.

  6. Fly: Yes it does look like that doesn't it?

    Selda: The temperature hit 40 degrees today and the water has been off most of today and yesterday..not much fun! I'd love some of your rain!

  7. Thanks for the pictures, your grapes look wonderful...lucky you.:) Those are some pretty handsome grandsons you have there.

  8. Ah Mr H..glad you popped over to see the grapes..they are going to be delicious. Shame I can't send you some.
    Thanks..I think my grandsons are handsome too :-))

  9. Those grapes look mouth-watering, love the photo.
    The kids are so adorable and cute. :-)))


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