Sunday, 24 July 2011

Problems posting comments...again!

I seem unable to post comments on any blogs other than my own at the moment.  I'm not going to bother to seek "Blogger Help" because past experience tells me it's a total waste of time.  The problem will no doubt be resolved when Blogger chooses.

But just really letting you know that I'm still following your blogs...reading them...but not being able to comment.


  1. Yes it is Fly. I can comment on my blog but not on other Blogger blogs. I can also comment on non-Blogger blogs, eg Wordpress. I don't get it really.

  2. Your blog is really wonderful ... carry on the good job!

  3. Ayak, if you're using Internet Explorer you must be having the same problem I experienced after the Blogger meltdown in May. I found the only thing that worked for me is NOT to tick the "Stay signed in" box when you sign into Blogger.

    If I did that I could comment without any problem, but it was such a pain having to sign in every time I opened Blogger. This is why I downloaded Google Chrome and now always use that as my browser when in Blogger.

  4. Perpetua...yes its the same problem with IE and not for the first time. But even leaving the box unticked I still can't comment. I don't like google chrome..I did use it a while back but it interfered with something else I was using...although I can remember what now. So I have been using Firefox for Blogger commenting which has been ok up until the last day or so but is now causing problems. I do have a lot of things wrong with my laptop though..its on its last legs to be I think I will have to get a new one

  5. Anonymous: Thankyou for your lovely comment.

    (I just rerieved you from my Spam box so to avoid this in future, perhaps you could join my list of followers)

  6. I came upon this problem that I couldn't connect to some Blogs but most of all I couldn't leave any comments on some Blogs...they just would not post. My computer techy guy told me to download Google Chrome and I did and I now can post comments.
    Not sure if this will help but it helped me....


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