Saturday, 23 July 2011

Saturday Snaps

The first of the grapes
Making a start on the balcony sofra area..still work in progress. Have more ideas to make it more comfortable!

This is me with our wonderfully comfortable new motorbike....and sporting my new crash helmet.  It's bright pink...not my colour of choice but it's the only one we could find that fit perfectly.

My old helmet was the "perch on the top of the head pudding-basin" type.  Highly unsuitable for our new "go-faster" motorbike, which needs a helmet with a visor to protect my eyes and face from the wind, and also has to be much stronger and safer....and this one does the job on all counts.

I went to work at the hotel with Mr A again yesterday. Another enjoyable day.  I helped book some customers for the hamam and was rewarded with a haircut by the hotel hairdresser, plus re-shaping eyebrows with the cottoning method ( eyebrows were totally out of control so the process was pretty painful!).

We spent a lot of time on the motorbike yesterday.  To and from home, and  we also visited two of the hotels that Mr A covers.   The first was in Yalıkavak, and the journey there which takes you up high into the hills, then down into the resort  was a little like riding  a roller coaster at times!  The photo was taken on our way out of Yalıkavak, half way up the hill,  and you can see the sea in the background.

The second hotel was  in Gumbet, Bodrum, where we chatted to customers and had lunch, then back to Mr A's hotel for the remainder of the afternoon.

I'm beginning to think that I am somehow going through my "second youth".   When I was young, you would never have got me on the back of a motorbike...I was far too sensible to take risks.   Now you can't get me off it!   It's an amazing feeling to travel the road to Bodrum,  to see the wonderful turquoise sea as you drive through Guvercinlik,  the picturesque white houses as you come into Bodrum, the beautiful harbour and the hustle and bustle of this busy town.    The feeling of the sun on your arms, and the constant changes of smells, as you drive past restaurants, is something that can only be experienced on a motorbike.

So here I am...a the start of my twilight years...growing old slightly disgracefully!  I almost convinced myself yesterday that I'd quite like a tattoo!    I said "almost".   It was a fleeting thought, and I quickly talked myself out of it!   I'll just stick with the adrenaline rush I get from the motorbike for now!

Have a good weekend everyone xx


  1. Get you, Biker Girl! Not sure I could do it, but you're so obviously enjoying the travelling and the change that I'm really happy for you. The shady sofra area on the balcony looks soooo inviting....

  2. Haha Biker Girl! I like that Perpetua! The sofra area will be lovely when it's finished. We've seen some huge bean-bag type cushions and a larger umbrella...added to the list! Oh and a low table to replace the failed DIY attempt to cut the legs of the other one!

  3. I've said it before and I'll say it again "I want to be on that balcony"

    How about a piercing?! LOL

  4. I can feel your delight in being on the back of a bike. Go for it. Lovely.

  5. Oh Ayak you sound so happy, go on get a small tattoo and Ill get my nose pierced hahahaha. xx

  6. Mrs. Ayak is a real biker, who would have thunk it, nice bike the two of you have there...and those are some fine looking grapes.:)

  7. Wow, Ayak! Get you!

    Go for it girl,,you're never too old...

  8. Last time I went on a big (dangerous) motorbike, was when I was in my forties and my son took me on a mother's day run.
    It was one of the most exciting things I ever did. Looking back it was positively dangerous because I had no leathers on & my too large, unsuitable helmet kept turning round on my head so that I couldn't see!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  9. Kelloggsville: There's a cushion with your name on it...oh no not a piercing..have 2 in ears...enough!

    Rosie: Definitely delghtful!

    Bomb: tattoos..definitely not!

    Fly: Thanks...I hope I never will be!

    Maggie: It is very exciting. A properly fitted crash helmet is a must though!

  10. Mr H: Thanks...its the most comfortable motorbike we've had so far.

  11. I can only imagine being on that motorbike on the road to Bodrum.You look great standing there with your helmet and all. :-))) Have been there a couple of times in Bodrum. Now we mostly stay in Kusadesi near Izmir where my husband's family lives.

    Love your 'sofra' area on the balcony, it looks so inviting. I know when we stay at my sister in laws it is always on the balcony we have our meals.

    Stay cool in this weather and safe on your motorbike.

  12. SO, so jealous... by the grapes, the balcony and that tantalising glimpse of sea in the background of your lovely photo! Three weeks to go. I want grapes, karpuz, seftali, sunshine, dusty roads, cir cir bocekleri, and the sound of Turkish turtledoves, who's call is completely different to those in Canada...
    I'm not the one to turn you off getting a tattoo :-) I've got a small one myself. Love tattoos!

  13. Your sofra balcony looks so nice, makes me think that maybe we could make something out of our balcony after all. Thank you for the idea and happy biking!

  14. Erica: I love "living" outside as much as possible. The heat of July and August make it difficult but most of the year its very enjoyable.

    Deniz: No the tattoo idea has been dismissed! Not long to go now..I bet you are getting excited!

    Vicky: Thanks. Balcony sofra so easy to old carpet and a few cushions and there you have it!

  15. Sofra! grapes, and a wonderful photo!!!
    How do the dogs cope with the heat?

  16. Hi Maz...they don't cope at all well. They hate going outside..much like we tend to stay in the bedroom when I'm at home as it's the coolest room. However when I'm out all day, they have to stay outside, but they have a cool area in the old house in the garden, so as long as they have plenty of water they're fine.


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