Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Unnecessary exertion and recycling

Those of you who have followed my blog for some time know that I have an occasional obsession with moving furniture around.  Of course it's best done during the winter months, but yesterday in temperatures which hit 41 degrees, I stupidly decided to move sofas and armchairs.  Not just for the sake of it..there was method in my madness.  We have a long window in the sitting room which allows us to gaze at the wonderful view.  There are two windows either side that open, but as is normal in Turkey, windows open inwards.

I had one sofa in front of the large window which meant that during the coolest parts of the day (ıe around 30 degrees!) I could only open one of the windows.  So I needed to swop sofa for armchair so that both windows could be opened.  As usual I end up with furniture all over the place.  It's a small room so everything gets stuck and wedged together.  At the same time I decided I was fed up with the large (very heavy) carpet, so I lifted that and dragged it out onto the balcony.  The space left was filled with a (heavy) kilim from the spare bedroom.

Eventually after literally sweating buckets, it was all in place and looks great...and I'm now sitting in 29 degrees of "coolness" with both windows open.

Mr A is home tonight and he has now spread the large carpet out on the balcony to make a sofra area (Turkish comfortable floor seating), and we have added an old soft throw, folded up to sit on, and an assortment of cushions.

So what to do with the round table and chairs that were on the balcony but now don't have a home?  Well a sofra area isn't complete without a low table for eating off, so he is at the moment, with great difficulty...and also sweating buckets, cutting down the metal legs of the table.  I do love recycling!  And I'm really looking forward to cooler weather so that we can enjoy meals out there in the traditional Turkish way.

And as if that wasn't enough exertion in this heat, I set off to the hotel again this afternoon and enjoyed a few hours there...meeting some more holidaymakers and staff.  

Mr A has another "new" (different) motorbike...don't worry if you can't keep up...I've lost track.  He is very much a motorbike man rather than a car man, and I have to admit there's nothing quite like riding pillion in this weather...the only way to feel any kind of breeze blowing through your hair.  However, all the motorbikes we've had so far have been very uncomfortable for me.  They're OK for short journeys but that's about it.  Well at long last he has found one that is so comfortable, it's like sitting in a favourite armchair.  So we travelled all the way back on it from Bodrum to the village this evening with me enjoying every moment.

Enough exertion for one week...tomorrow I'm doing absolutely nothing!


  1. That sofra sounds great! I love the idea of sitting on a balcony with a low table and some ice cold lemonade! We have a sort-of sofra in our house, with a carpet and a low table but now it needs pillows! Slowly slowly! I hope it's much cooler for you now. It's abysmal here in Izmir now, not even a nice breeze off the Aegean half the time!

  2. Hi Barbara: It's just what the balcony needed. It's not been tiled yet, so just concrete. It's on our very long "to do" list but as you say "slowly slowly".
    It isn't really cooler breeze..high humidity. Although I imagine Izmir is a lot worse!

  3. Mr. Fly has just bought another freezer....and has installed it on the balcony where it looks very incongruous.
    Typical man...'well, there's a plug there'...

    So I'll be heaving and straining moving the kitchen round to get it back indoors where it belongs.

    I wouldn't have minded if it had been a new fridge for cold drinks...but no, trust a man to go the whole - and wrong - hog.

    Note to not go out for the day if something is being delivered.

  4. Oh no Fly! How bloody annoying and how typical!
    And incidentally since writing my post Mr A has completely annihilated the table (have I mentioned his favourite DIY tool before? The hammer!) its now sitting next to the rubbish bin.
    Ah well...that's men for you!

  5. Sorry the table's gone west, Ayak, but the sofra area sounds great after all your hard work. The new motorbike also sounds a great improvement. Glad you enjoyed the ride.

  6. Perpetua: Thanks. Do you know I never thought I'd ever say it but I can't wait to go on the motorbike again!

  7. Kelloggsville: Come on over..I'll put the kettle on!

  8. Love hearing about your adventures, glad about the Bike!
    Its quite cool here for summer.
    Couldnt cope with that heat,but it would be nice if it was a bit warmer!!!x


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