Monday, 18 July 2011

Venturing out in the heat

Yesterday I decided it was about time I visited the hotel where Mr A is currently working.  I set off on the village bus at 9.00am, picked up the Bodrum bus at the end of the village and Mr A collected me with the motorbike at Bodrum bus station.

From there it was just a 5 minute journey to the hotel.

It's not bad as hotels go.  It's one of the older ones and could do with a bit of updating in places, but with package deals being so cheap these days, I can't imagine how the owners would actually make much profit at all, let alone have any spare cash for improvements.

Which brings me to the subject of all-inclusive package holidays.  I don't like them and I wish Turkey hadn't jumped on the "all-inclusive" bandwagon a few years ago.  Because guests have all their meals and drinks included in their holiday price, most of them rarely leave the hotel.  This has had a devastating effect on local businesses.  It's also a great shame that those people who wish to confine themselves to their hotel for the duration of their holiday, miss out on seeing this beautiful country and what it has to offer.

And the all-inclusive hotels have become very competitive, slashing their prices to attract more customers.

My brother and sister-in-law decided last week to book a week's holiday in Bodrum at the end of September.  I hadn't mentioned the name of Mr A's hotel, and when my brother emailed me to confirm his booking, by sheer coincidence it turned out to be Mr A's hotel!

So this was one of the reasons for my visiting yesterday, so that I could take some photos and give my brother a bit more information about the hotel.

I talked to a few guests yesterday to get their opinions.  Most agreed that even though the hotel is rated 4 star, it doesn't compare with 4 star in England for example.  However, they did say that when you start to break down the costs of flight, room, all meals, drinks and entertainment, it was exceptionally good value for money.

Then of course we have the "professional complainers", and unfortunately I got stuck with one for half an hour.  She was the most miserable woman imaginable.  She moaned about absolutely everything. I did point out that you get what you pay for, and in this case you get an awful lot for your money.  She wasn't convinced, and even when I suggested that if she wanted 5 star luxury, then she would need to pay at least double, she didn't agree.   It's impossible to reason with people like this, and when Mr A approached us he could read my expression which said "please rescue me"......and he did!

I have only one regret about venturing out yesterday and that is this damned sweltering heat!  It's just unbearable.   When I was ready to come home just before 5pm, my dear Mr A dropped me at the bus station to pick up the Milas bus.  He then went ahead on the motorbike to the top of the village road and waited to take me back to the house...just so that I woudn't have to wait in the scorching sun for the village bus.   After dropping me off he returned to Bodrum...a round trip of more than 2 hours.  It was a timely reminder for me that this journey for him is dangerous and tiring...and he's getting so little sleep at the moment with the excessive number of hours he is working.

And talking of sleep...none at all for me last night.  My bedside fan just moves the hot air around.  I moved to the sitting room and tried the sofa with the aircon on.  The noise kept me awake.  I tried the spare bedroom...that didn't work.  So I stayed awake.   I managed an hour's nap this afternoon but I'm desperately hoping for a drop in temperature tonight...but according to the forecasts there's not much chance.

....and the forecast says it's getting hotter....groan!


  1. We went to a hotel in Cyprus that did all inclusive, but we stayed B&B only. We went off to the different restaurants and villages around. Found a gorgeous restaurant on the top of a cliff. Just perfect. I was telling a lady in the pool the next day. She did 14 days at the hotel and never left it's grounds...14 days!! She reeled off lists of places she'd been too - lol : seen one pool side at all of them!

    Heat: yuk! Although something between what you have and what we have right now would be nice.

  2. I can't understand anyone going for a holiday in another land and not seeing the local surroundings and perhaps venturing further. Just staying in a hotel. You might just as well stay at home.
    When we went to Cyprus we did B&B and ventured further and took trips to see practically the whole island. We always did that no matter where we went.

    We have 100% humidity here, but it is cool, especially at night.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  3. Ayak, your Mr A sounds so very loving and considerate. All that way just so you wouldn't have to wait in the heat.

    I can't imagine anything I would want less than an all-in holiday. one of the best things about a holiday is exploring and finding new places, not being stuck in a hotel all the time. Also I hadn't considered the effect on the other business - dreadful.

    Hope your heat lets up soon. You wouldn't like to swap a bit of it for our cold and rain would you? In the meantime, have you thought of trying ear-plugs, so you don't hear the air-con and can get some sleep?

  4. Kelloggsville: People like that lady could be anywhere..most hotel pools look similar!
    Yes I agree re the weather!

    Maggie: That's the whole point of a holiday in another country isn't it? To experience the difference! So I don't understand why people seem content to stay in their hotels.

    Perpetua: I woud gladly swop some for your weather for ours. I have tried several types of earplugs by the way, they either won't stay in or I get earache...strange sensitive ears I have!

  5. We could only take last minute trips when living in France because of Mr. Fly's uncertain we used to take last minute all in packages as they were so cheap.

    That way we had a base to explore!

    We used to go out every day, escaping the wired in compounds that made you think of a prison camp, and saw a lot of the surrounding area by using local transport.

    I cannot think of anything worse than sitting by a pool in the heat all day...but that's what most of our fellow travellers did.

  6. I like to schedule my holidays in the spring or the fall because I fully intend NOT to spend my time in the hotel. Hotel is for sleeping after a long day of exploring the country side.

  7. Depends where you go for all in packages. Places like Dominica Republic are excellent, everything is free 24 hours a day with massive selection of food and drink.

    My experience in Europe was such that I would never pay for a European 'all in' ever again. Very disappointing compared with Dominica. Very few food options which were often repetitive.

    Having said that, the Euro trip was some time ago and things may have changed, but I won't take the risk to see if things have improved.

  8. Fly: It's great to get out and about when you are on holiday. I never understand the desire to sit by the hotel pool all day boring!

    Charlotte Ann: Absolutely!

    Jack: My brother has done all-inclusive in Dominican Republic a couple of times and he raves about it. I don't know whether Euro all-inclusives have improved but if the costs of the package deals keep coming down, the I don't see how they can have.


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