Monday, 4 July 2011

The wonders of the internet

Here I am at 2.00am watching live streaming of the Casey Anthony Trial direct from Orange County Courthouse in the USA....on my laptop.   It's a fascinating case.  There's been little or no coverage in the UK as far as I'm aware and certainly none in Turkey.  

What amazes me most of all, is that while I'm watching it here in Turkey, one of my blogger friends, Charlotte Ann who lives in Louisiana, is also watching it...and we are discussing it with each other on Facebook.  Instant communication between two people who live so far from each other.

Isn't the internet fantastic?


  1. I've just enjoyed an orgy of Rebus, courtesy of Expat Shield...and yes, the internet is wonderful!

    I remember years ago thinking how great it was that I could telephone home from the wilds of rural France....
    I could not imagine what was to come.

  2. Oh yes, Ayak, I agree 100%. I've had lots of moments like that as a result of the Internet. Another thing I like is the ability to research information freely (at least, seemingly so) and learn as much as I can about a certain subject. Things fascinate me!

    On the other hand, because the Net is so precious, all of us should be concerned whenever governments or corporations try to control and manage how we use it. They use a lot of "hot" arguments to convince us it is necessary, like protecting the children, personal privacy, government security, and intellectual property rights. But once it begins, who knows how far it will go? It is something, as you have probably have guessed, that I feel strongly about.

    by the way, I remember when it took four weeks for me to get a letter from the US to Turkey.
    I suppose in the near future we will have a special room in our homes like a holodeck in the Star Trek series. The walls will be the computer screens and instead of watching or using your cam, you will actually be there, surrounded on all sides. (Well nearly.) You will call out the address to your virtual office and there you will be.
    Think of the time and transportation costs savings!

  3. Fly: Oh Rebus! Are those the old episodes with John Hannah? I've been using the same thing (I'm careful not to quote the name because no doubt it will be banned soon) you have a link to the programmes?
    I can remember being amazed when I first came across telex...with those reams of tape!

    Nomad: I notice how carefully you write about our current situation, being careful not to say too much or god forbid, to use one of the many banned words. Worrying times ahead for us here....I wonder if we will still be blogging in a few months time, or chatting on Facebook. I can't imagine my life without being able to use the internet as we can today.

  4. Nomad...I look back over my shoulder at all the things that have happened with technology since my birth date and I'm totally in awe of what I have been fortunate enough to have seen. I can imagine my grandparents felt the same when they moved from horse and buggy to a car with an engine. I couldn't bear to give up my internet.

  5. Charlotte Ann: I agree with you. I'd be lost if I didn't have the internet. How on earth did we manage without it?

  6. That's fantastic. Makes the world much smaller and accessible. Which is a good thing seeing how air fares are going through the roof! Terrible verdict, however. Tragic case.

  7. phones with monitors to see who you are talking to was one of the biggest sci-fi dreams of our childhood, and now, kids cant even think a life without them. it is really amazing.

    now i am waiting for the light-saber, and oh, and that thing which makes you see people naked. :))

  8. jedilost: I'm shocked! You're waiting for that thing which makes you see people naked? How naughty of you! ;-))


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