Saturday, 20 August 2011

Benni's Story

This is Benni's story.

Benni was found wandering the streets of Turkey.  He was 7 weeks old, alone and starving.  TAG rescued Benni from certain death.  They fed Benni, gave him shelter and veterinary care.  Soon Benni was fit and healthy and was able to get his pet passport.   TAG searched for Benni's forever home.  Benni found his new home and arrived in the UK in July 2011.  At first he was very scared.  He had never been in a house before and had never met children.

This video was filmed 3 weeks after he arrived in his new home.  Benni loves everyone he meets.  He is a fantastic dog and has learned to trust humans.  He was one of the lucky ones who was given  second chance.

Can you help TAG give a dog or cat a second chance?

From the streets of Turkey to his forever home in London. His is one of the many success stories of T.A.G. (Turkish Animal Group) and the wonderful work carried out by Karen Lowrie Wren.   They need people to adopt, foster and sponsor the dogs and donations to help with food , vet fees., and the costs involved in finding and transporting them to their new homes.

Please support T.A.G. in any way you can, even if only to spread the word on social network sites.

Watch the will make you smile and brighten your day.

Look for the Turkish Animal Group (T:A:G) - Dog Adoptables Page on Facebook


  1. Thank Goodness for people who do this and thank Goodness that Benni found such a loveable home with those delightful girls.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  2. Wonderful people.
    Lucky little dog...but he shouldn't have to have been lucky..

  3. Maggie: I can't praise Karen enough. She is a remarkable woman with endless patience and stamina. She has made it her life's work.

    Fly: No he shouldn't...and there are still thousands out there who will sadly not be so lucky.

  4. He looks very happy now and will certainly get the attention he deserves. I know of three dogs rescued here in Spain in the last three weeks, including the addition to our own family. I can't understand why some people just don't care.

  5. Hi Annie: It's such a huge problem here in Turkey. We have to work on changing attitudes and educating the will take time

  6. I am glad they have such a good problem. I remember seeing so many stray dogs last year in Italy and felt sad for the poor dogs.


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