Thursday, 18 August 2011

Inappropriate behaviour

Well I'm back online again...just!

While I was at the hotel yesterday Mr A phoned TTNet to check whether they had fixed the phone line and restored internet access and they said yes it was all fixed.  When I arrived home I discovered it wasn't.

Mr A phoned again this morning, and was advised that it was fixed outside but as they couldn't get into the garden because of the dogs they couldn't complete the job (well we all know by now how these macho Turkish men...Mr A excluded...are terrified of dogs).   Anyway...they promised to return today.  They did and fixed the telephone line and the modem showed access to the internet but I couldn't get the wireless connection on my laptop so I'm now attached to the USB cable again.  Inconvenient but better than nothing. I'll get my brother in law to sort it out for me again when he's not too busy.

It's now 11.30pm and I've just been chatting on the phone to Mr A and he's very upset.

Anyone who has experienced hamams (Turkish baths) will know how they are run.  They are respectable establishments and everything is very proper.  Mr A just sells the tickets so doesn't go into the hamam very often, but occasionally he pops in to check that everything is running smoothly.  A couple of weeks ago he noticed one of the masseurs enter a massage room with a young female customer and close the door.  It's a rule that while someone is having a massage, the door is always left open.   He reminded the masseur of this who replied that this was his "new" girlfriend and she wanted the door closed.  Mr A told him it was not allowed and that the masseur should know better than to bring his girlfriend there.   An argument ensued...the girl was asked to leave and Mr A reported the masseur to the boss.  It was pretty obvious what this couple were up to, and Mr A insisted that this was very damaging to not only his reputation but that of the hamam.  The masseur was sacked.

He was replaced by a new masseur a week ago.  I met him a couple of days ago, and my strange sixth sense told me that there was something just not right about him.  I couldn't put a finger on it and I didn't mention it to anyone.

This evening a female customer has complained that this new masseur touched her inappropriately.   She was extremely upset and so was her husband.  Mr A told me he was so angry with the masseur, he took him outside the hotel and had a huge row with him, and  Mr A actually hit him.  I don't approve of violence but I have learned that this is often the way Turkish men deal with men who they feel have behaved I do understand how he feels.

Mr A has spent the last couple of hours talking to the customer and her husband, apologising and trying to calm them down.  The husband insists that he is going to write about the incident on Tripadvisor when he returns home...and that's not good news.  The masseur has of course been sent on his way.

When we finished talking on the phone Mr A was about to have strong words with the manager who employed this particular masseur.  I doubt he'll get much sleep tonight.

Reports of this incident will naturally spread around the hotel.  It's really bad for business.  Really bad for Mr A who works for commission only.   Mr A is wondering if I might go over to the hotel tomorrow and talk to the customers concerned and use my "people skills" to pacify them.   I honestly don't know if I can do any good.  Although I suppose I'd really like to get to the bottom of the incident.  There's always a possibility that the woman wasn't touched inappropriately...maybe she was mistaken...but naturally one has to assume that the customer is always right.

What a mess.


  1. Some customers are just out for trouble...and preferably a sweetener as compensation.

  2. Fly I just knew you would be thinking along the same lines as me.

  3. If it had happened to me (and you ought to believe her really) I would be very appeased by knowing that Mr A had hit him. For me thatvwould be better than any compensation. But take care not all people think alike.

  4. Kelloggsville: Well having spoken to Mr A again this morning he is absolutely convinced that the woman was telling the truth..If he believes her then so do I. So I backtrack on my earlier comment. She also appreciates how Mr A "handled" the situation. However it hasn't stopped her and her husband telling every other customer in the hotel about the incident. Inevitable I suppose but rather sad for the other masseurs who are genuine and trustworthy, and also for Mr A who is still very upset about the whole business.

  5. Mr A has a naturally trusting nature!

  6. He does Fly. Sometimes too trusting for his own good. I wish I could get over there today but can't. I'd like to see for myself and make my own judgment.

  7. Oh dear...... what a to do.
    Hope that it will get sorted out with the minimal amount of fuss.
    I suppose that some customers might make trouble but on the other hand some masseurs might be hiding a nasty behaviour behind respectability. You can never know the exact truth.
    I like that Mr A hit the man but I hope it won't get him into trouble.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  8. I doubt he will get into trouble Magggie. It seems to be an aceptable way of dealing with such behaviour amongst Turkish men...a matter of honour and all that!

  9. Oh dear! What a to-do! I am so sorry to hear about it!

  10. It's a bit of a mess Claudia. Mr A is still feeling bad about the whole thing and unsure how this is going to affect his job.

  11. Oh how awful! I do hope it gets sorted out.
    Meanwhile, we bought the English edition of Hurriyet today and they actually featured one nice thing - a Canadian girl who married a Turkish guy and now they live on a goat farm in Fethiye! Sweet, no?

  12. That's really sweet Deniz. Nice to hear some stories with happy endings x


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