Monday, 8 August 2011

It's Monday

 We have electricity today, but the water coming from the tap is a pathetic trickle.   My first load of washing is still in the machine.  It's been there since early yesterday morning, having done 5 minutes of the wash cycle, before the 10 hour powercut, and before the water dried up.

I am in desperate need of a shower.  I have managed to wash myself...sort of...with the trickle from the tap, but it's not enough.  I had intended to catch the bus over to the hotel but it's so hot I can't face it.

The work on the roads in the village continue. This is a typical "before" shot of one of  the many winding lanes leading up the hill to where we live.

In fact this one is pretty good compared to most of them.

Today the workmen have reached the lane in front of our house.  They are attempting to even out the surface of the lane with a huge digger.  The noise and the dust is unbearable.

This is what one of the completed  lanes  looks like, and what they will all be once they are finished. 

They are still uneven but a vast improvement on the existing ones.

 We are due another powercut sometime today, and I've no idea when the water supply will be back to normal.

I'm not in the mood to write much today so I'll leave you with a little video I found of Milas...our nearest town.

şu milasın içinde - nazmi yükselen türküsü loveinbodrum

(If you can't open the video..just click on the link below it)


  1. Haha yes...that's me...always polite!

  2. Well, it's an improvement!
    Here the top of the valley people got together to make a concrete road...they put up the labour and half the materials and the roads department put up the the top of the valley has a reasonable surface....further down there are less of us and well spread out...and most not too well off, so we have rocks and gravel!

  3. Yes certainly an improvement Fly. We've waited long enough. They were talking about starting before we moved here 2 and half years ago. Once the new electric system is installed and the water pipes sorted out...everything will be perfect...haha...wishful thinking!

  4. Your too polite....well it is a bit of an improvement. Sure took them long enough to start it. Maybe this well get them going to do more improvements.
    Boy.....I should show this post to my neighbour.... we are having this summer new sewer pipes installed up and down the street and they have ripped up the street and have already installed new curbs and new asphalt on the whole street. It looks so nice now, but they are still bitching that they were cut 6 inches shorter in their driveway with the's a 3 car width...... they also got new sod planted on the boulevard. I think that we are too spoiled in North America.
    I love your lil' town....especially those old lane ways. It fascinates me....all those ruins.
    Hope your water is turned on soon, I can't imagine what you are going through especially with this heat.

    take care...I enjoyed your video and the music.

  5. I am somehow or other drawn to your adopted country even though you have so many difficulties in your life.
    Must show your really patient nature.
    Loved the music.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  6. It's an improvement, that's for sure. Milas looks amazing. Just now catching up on your blog after a hiatus. HOpe things improve for you soon.

  7. Erica, Maggie and 'Cross the Pond: Please excuse the joint response from me. Have been without electricity for 11 hours today and have loads to do on internet before the power goes off again tomorrow.
    Thanks for your comments...glad you liked the video xx


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