Friday, 12 August 2011

Just a quick message.... say that because of the daily powercuts in our village which we are now told will be a further 10 days at least, I am spending very much less time on the internet.  At the moment the power goes off around 8am and doesn't come on again until 7 or 8pm.

I won't be blogging so much, and I'm afraid I probably won't have the opportunity to read as many of your blogs as I would like to.

Here's hoping normal service will be resumed as soon as possible...before I tear my hair out!


  1. Hi! I'm stopping by via Deniz Bevin's blog page. The blog design is beautiful as are the images, and I'm looking forward to reading about your adventures in Turkey. ~ Nadja

  2. Thankyou very much Nadja,and a warm welcome to my blog xx

  3. My God, you have been in the wars. I'm sure it'll worth in the end with reliable supply of electricity and better roads but it must be hell. We've had a couple of minor power cuts in the last fews weeks which drives me mad. Why does it always happen when I've just put a load in the washing machine?

  4. It is quite awful at the moment Jack. With the strong winds we've had this week you can just imagine the amount of dust that's being generated by digging machines. I certainly hope it will all be worth it x


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